Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Music To Play During Labour

Every birth, and indeed every labour, is different  - so it's no surprise that every womans playlist during labour is just as diverse.

Here's a list of songs suggested for labour by our lovely Facebook Page members:
  • Salt N Pepa - Push it  (of course!!)
  • Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
  • My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words
  • Dixie Chicks - Lullaby
  • Emimen - Lose Yourself
  • Wilco - Sky Blue Sky album
  • Coldplay - Amersterdam
  • Band of Horses - Infinite Arms album
  • Kenny Rogers - The Gambler (just happened to be playing!)
  • Mozart Violin Concerto
  • Rhombus - Spread Love
  • Guns N Roses - Sweet Child of Mine 
  • Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
  • REM - Everybody Hurts
What songs were on your must play list?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

SKIP*HOP Nappy Bags - Price Roll Back

How often do you see a price change notice these days and think "here we go, another price rise".  Well not this time!

In New Zealand, Skip Hop Nappy Bags and many of the accessories have had their prices dialed BACK, effective right now.  Check out these new Belly Beyond prices:

Style Was Now
Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Nappy Bag $179 $139
Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Nappy Bag $149 $139

Skip Hop Versa Nappy Bag $199 $139
Skip Hop Via Messenger Nappy Bag $249 $199
Skip Hop Studio Tote Nappy Bag $239 $209
Skip Hop Duo Double Nappy Bag $225 $195
Skip Hop Toolbox Caddy $115 $69
Skip Hop Pronto Change Wallet $99 $79
Day to night Baby Log Book $159 $89
Skip Hop Splash Bottle Drying Rack $89 $59
Skip Hop Zoo Book Ends $99 $84
Skip Hop Zoo Packs $49.95              $44.95
Skip Hop Lunchies $34.95 $29.95

PLUS:  for a limited time on selected styles you also receive a Skip Hop Insulated Bottle Bag, valued at $39, absolutely free!    See our FREE section for all the options.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Belly Beyond Showroom

The Belly Beyond Showroom is now open!

Very exciting times, although there is a teeny bit of faffing to be done this weekend, we have already had our first few customers through and to me, that means the showroom is officially open.

Come on in and be professionally fitted for your nursing bra or try out our extensive Baby Carrier range (we are NZ's number 1 ERGObaby retailer and also stock BABYBJORN plus a fantastic range of baby slings and wraps of course too).

You can rifle around in our nappy bags, open zips to your hearts content and weigh up the pros and cons of a change wallet versus a bag big enough for the kitchen sink.

Opening hours and address details here 

Brands you'll see:

Amber Teething Necklaces
Ameda Breast Pumps 
Baby Caterpillar 
Baby First
Baby Trenz Moses Baskets
Baby Zoo
Belly Art
Belly Bandit
Breeze Baby 
Brolly Sheets
Bubba Blue 
Cake Lingerie
Cocoon Couture
Cosy Grips
Earth Mama Angel Baby 
Fertile Mind
Inspired Living
Kid Basix
La Leche League 
Lily Pad Designs
Lou & Olly 
Natures Child 
Natures Sway 
Peanut Shell
Smart Mum 
Sweetcheeks Merino 
Vespa Belly Wraps

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beyond Awesome $10,000 Giveaway

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, Belly Beyond is running the Beyond Awesome Giveaway, featuring a massive prize pool worth over $10,000!

Prizes include a Cariboo Bassinet, Flexibaths, HOTmilk Lingerie, Smart Mum Teething Bling as well ERGObaby, Ameda and b.box  and whole stack of other goodies from the amazing Belly Beyond range, here is the full list - WOW!

The Total Prize Pool = $10,596

RRP = Recommended Retail Price for each item
3 x gr8x Deluxe Hobo Nappy Bags, RRP$129
2 x b.box Change Boxes, RRP$39
3 x Tummy Ties, RRP $24.95
1 x Natures Sway Hammock, RRP$179
1 x Natures Sway Wrap, RRP$89
1 x Natures Sway Sling, RRP$75
3 x Amber Necklace Sets (mum, baby and baby bracelet), RRP$101
3 x Baby Amber Teething Necklaces, RRP$36
4 x Amber Baby Bracelets, RRP$16
10 Sets x Smart Mum Teething Necklaces and Smart Mum Teething Bangles, RRP$48
4 x Giimmo Nightlights, RRP$54.95
6 x Bubba Blue Muslin Wrap Packs, RRP$31.50
6 x Flexibaths, RRP$79.95
2 x HOTmilk Lingerie Essentials bra and underwear sets, RRP$81.80
2 x HOTMilk Lingerie Lost in a Moment Camisole and PJ Pant sets RRP$99.80
1 x ERGObaby Classic Carrier, RRP$199
6 x Babylegs, RRP$19
1 x Peanut Shell Adjustible Sling, RRP$99
2 x Babymel Leopard Totes, RRP$195
2 x Medela Harmony Breast Pumps, RRP$99
2 x Medela Cooler Sets, RRP$65
2 x Medela Disposable breast pads, RRP$14.90
2 x Baby Caterpillar Merino sleeping bags - 1 x Standard weight RRP$159 and 1 x Winter weight RRP$169
1 x Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump, RRP$319
1 x Babybjorn Babysitter Balance, RRP$299
1 x Cariboo Folding Bassinet, RRP$280
1 x Cocoon Couture Elephant Bean Bag, RRP$129
1 x Cocoon Couture Dreamy Owl Bean Bean RRP$129
3 x Lilypad Liners, RRP$74.95
1 x OiOi Grey Dot Lime Messenger Nappy Bag, RRP$215
1 x Womama Birthing wrap, RRP$124.95
1 x Womama bra and underwear set, RRP$103
2 x dulce&zoet slings, RRP$74
2 x dulce@zoet slings for dolly, RRP$24.95
1 x StickyTiki Nikau Height Chart - removeable wall decals, RRP$110
1 x StickyTiki Alphabetic - removeable wall decals, RRP$88
2 x Cake Lingerie bra and underwear sets, RRP$95.90
5 x Birth to Earth placenta packs, RRP$39.95
1 x SafeTSleep wrap, RRP$120
1 x SafeTSleep wedge, RRP$20
3 x Brolly Sheets king singles, RRP$49.95
1 x Merino Mumcho Maternity and Breastfeeding wrap, RRP$149
1 x Skip*Hop Pink Links Deluxe Duo Nappy Bag, RRP$149
1 x Solvej Kea Swing, RRP$139
10 x Suvana - Organic, petrochemical free PawPaw balm, RRP$12
3 x Mumi&Bubi Solid Starter Kits, RRP$34.95
7 x Lamington Sockings, RRP$13.95
2 x Made4Baby Gift Packs, RRP$49.95
2 x Made4Baby Belly Oil, RRP$19.95
2 x Made4Baby Bubbles, RRP$17.95
2 x Bearviews Mirrors, RRP$49.95
2 x BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clocks, RRP$49.95
1 x Borsone Nappy Bag, RRP$129
2 x Preggi Bellies DVDs, RRP$49.95
2 x Mum2Mum Gift Packs - dreamswaddle and Wonder bib, RRP$59
1 x Aden+Anais Dream Blanket, RRP$64.95
1 x Aden+Anais Washcloth set, RRP$24.95
1 x BabyBaby Decor Breastfeeding Pillow, RRP$89
1 x Vespa Belly Wrap - Plush, RRP$89
1 x Unido Sling - Vanilla Bean, RRP$89
1 x Lou & Olly, 3-6 months Meino Sleepgown -  ToiToi, RRP$79
2 x Zoras Rainbows, RRP$29.95
2 x Maternity Tights, RRP$29.95
3 x Cosy Grips, RRP $19.95
1 x OHbaby! Subscription $35.90
last but by no means least, 20 fabulous Magic Beans cards, valued at $35 each.
RRP is current at time of publishing and may differ to the current price on our site. E & OE.


Simply sign up and be in to win, plus you can vote on our Facebook page for the way in which the $10,000 prize pool will be given away and score extra entries by playing the Bonus Boost.


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