Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Cellphone Law Change 1 November

Car drivers CAN make calls on:

A fully voice-activated phone
- Can receive and make calls by voice commands.
- Phone can be left in pocket or on dashboard, does not have to be mounted.
- Mostly only on business-style phones with full keyboard.
- Examples: Blackberry, Nokia E63, Nokia E71.

A voice-activated hands-free kit
- Most clip on to a car's sun visor.
- Can receive and make calls by voice commands.
- Requires phone with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
- Phone can be left in pocket or on dashboard, does not have to be mounted.

- Can receive calls if there is a button on the earpiece.
- Cannot make calls unless used with a car cradle.

Wireless earpiece
- Can receive calls by pressing a button on the earpiece.
- Most cannot make calls unless used with a car cradle.
- Requires phone with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
- Phone can be left in pocket or on dashboard, does not have to be mounted.

Phone in car cradle
Can receive and make calls by manipulating phone "infrequently and briefly".
Dialling a full phone number is okay.
Must talk over phone's loudspeaker or an earpiece.

Drivers CANNOT:

Touch a phone if it is not mounted
- Including for uses other than making calls, eg texting, listening to music or using a satellite navigation system.
- The rules apply even while stopped at a red light.
- The rules do not apply to music players, such as iPods, and other devices that do not have a phone function.

Source unknown but sent via Mr Belly Beyond.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Online Shopping Personalities

We've spotted a few distinct types - is yours here?

The Browser/Researcher
Just looking thanks, or the online equivalent of window shopping. You know you might need something in the future so you’re testing the waters to see what’s around. Always nice to see you, please don’t be shy to ask us for more information if need be.

The Shop-around

You know your stuff - where the current specials are and who’s got the best freight deals. We try very hard to be amongst the lowest prices and love a challenge so if you find someone whose standard price is lower than ours, don’t be afraid to ask us to match it – chances are we’ll even throw a sweetener in to seal the deal.

The Need it Now

You know what you want and you want it NOW. This is me all over and it’s no surprise that I know my credit card number by heart. Did you know we do offer a same day delivery service in Auckland on request? otherwise if you tell us its urgent and order and pay by 1pm we'll do our darndest to get it to you the very next day
NZ wide *(rural delivery excluded sorry and assuming item is in stock).

The Can I see it?

Shopping online is hard for you because you're a tactile type and like to see and touch your purchases. We understand this and if you are in Auckland and really really would like to see it in person or try it on, you are welcome to make an appointment at our warehouse in Waitakere or the Sandringham studio.

Otherwise you can rely on our no quibble returns policy. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit then return it for your money back. *see our detailed returns policy in our FAQs.

Good Morning today

Did you see Good Morning this morning? It was a postive Belly Beyond product-fest!!! (I don't know if they knew that or not)

Smart Mum Teething Bling

Womama Birthing Wrap

Womama Strawberry Sweet Kisses Nursing Bra
(and its only $20 at the moment!)

Womama Nursing Nightie

Amber Teething Necklaces

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Burning Issue: Hi-tech fabric to keep kids sun safe this summer

Belly Beyond's Louisa Currie & Heidi Riley with their children in their new range of UV protective clothing

A new range of UV protected clothing for babies and young children is set to cure parental headaches around the country this summer as the fine weather over Labour Weekend provides a preview of the long hot days still to come.

Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, founders of online baby boutique Belly Beyond, went on a global search to find a sun safe solution for their own children. “Our kids love playing outside and we love them to be out in the fresh air” says Heidi, “but the sun is just so aggressive now and we found that it was a huge problem to keep them safe from burning” adds Louisa. “While UV protective swimwear for kids is commonplace, New Zealand parents haven’t previously had access to everyday sun safe clothing for their babies and children.”

The pair found their answer in Agoo Activewear and have brought the range to New Zealand via their award-winning website www.bellybeyond.co.nz. The comfy but fashionable collection includes boys, girls, and baby active wear styles all with a rating of UV 50 + as well as WickAway technology to keep kids cool during their summer adventures.

“Sunscreen is expensive, especially the chemical-free versions recommended for young children and standard fabrics can get hot and sweaty” Louisa says. Heidi adds "keeping kids in the shade isn't possible all the time either". The key component in Agoo Activewear is in the amazing technical fabrics that contain a strong UV protected finish that blocks any harmful ultra violet rays, no matter how many times it is washed or exposed to sunlight or saltwater.

With experts warning of rising UV levels already this year, protecting kids from the sun is a high priority for many parents over the summer months. “We think Agoo Activewear will make it a whole lot easier for parents to keep their kids sun safe” says Louisa. “And they needn’t worry about those stains from their childrens outdoor adventures either because the entire range is stain resistant!”

Key Points about the Agoo® range
  • WickAway fibres that pull moisture away from children’s skin eliminated over-heating or potential chills from damp skin
  • 30 - 50+ UV Protection that allows kids to Stay out and Play safely, guarded from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Stain resistance properties that make messes and spills easy to remove
  • Super soft feel for sensitive skin
  • Generously sized and long in the arm, leg and the body to fit that little bit longer
Available only at www.bellybeyond.co.nz

Monday, October 19, 2009

Media Release - Belly Beyond

Belly Beyond wins Best Small Business at Waitakere Business Awards

The golden year continues for online baby boutique Belly Beyond, as they add yet another award to their trophy cabinet, collecting the Best Small Business title at the Waitakere Business Awards Black Tie Gala Dinner on Friday.

The new business got the nod over a more experienced field by combining their passion for motherhood with clever use of the internet and technology.

Belly Beyond was launched on Mothers Day 2008, and founders Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, both full-time Mums with young families, say they are amazed at how quickly their new business has grown. Louisa says “When we started out 18 months ago we never dreamed we’d come so far so quickly.” “It’s meant we’ve had to hire staff and move to larger premises much earlier than we expected” adds Heidi, “It has been a huge challenge – but so rewarding too”.

Judges commented: "This is a great little business that has achieved a lot in a short time. The owners appear to be both technology and marketing savvy; exude passion for their business and have a drive to grow and develop."

Belly Beyond was also a winner at the recent David Awards: Heroes in Small Business, for leading the way with new and innovative product and for their ability to spot new trends. Heidi and Louisa are prolific users of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the launch this year of their online video channel, Belly Beyond TV, marks a new way to communicate with their growing customer base.

“A quality product range has been crucial” says Heidi. “But sharp pricing and listening to your customers means they return time and time again” adds Louisa.


Pictured: Belly Beyond Founders Louisa Currie (middle left) and Heidi Riley at the Awards, flanked by their husbands Rob (left) and Chris.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waitakere Business Awards 2009

Heidi and I, escorted by the debonair Mr Belly Beyonds, joined close to 600 others at the Trusts Stadium for the The Waitakere Business Awards on Friday night.

Walking down the red carpet we got a feel for just how big an occasion this was and the first drink of the night disappeared rather quickly without thinking about it!

Our first course was waiting as we sat down and was excellent and after the formal welcome by Mayor Bob Harvey, the awards began. MC's Mike McRoberts and Jacqui Clarke were very entertaining and did a good job of keeping the night moving along.

Belly Beyond missed out on the Best Marketing Category which went to Te Henga The Westie. When giving their thanks on stage they thanked their Brand Manager and both Heidi and I looked at each other thinking, we were included with companies that have Brand Managers? What a compliment just to make it as Finalists.

Before we knew it the Best Small Business Category had rolled around and moments before they began the intro Mr Belly Beyond stood up and started to make his way to the bathroom. Strangely I actually took this as quite a good sign but luckily on hearing the next award announcement he made his way back to the table!

The Small Business Category was the most represented of all the categories and to hear our name called as winners was such an exciting moment. We'd put a lot of work into this submission (far more than the last minute dash with the David Awards) and my first feeling was once of relief that we'd won and then total and utter joy. The photo says it all really :)

I can't really remember what we said on stage but it was trumped by Jacqui Clarke spotting our Belly Beyond tattoos and telling us to show the audience. Bob Harvey was overheard saying "now that's dedication!" and Mike McRoberts joked that "only out West would the Award Winners come up on stage and show their Tatts."

There were more funny moments after the awards when Bob Harvey joined us for a photo flashing one of his tattoos (on his wrist) .

Heidi and I know we have a long way to go to get to where we want to be but boy we are having some fun along the way. We learn lessons every day, laugh every day and relish new challenges and projects that are coming our way. I don't think there are many people who get to experience what we have AND do it with their best friend in the world -how lucky are we!?

Benjamin Franklin said that "Diligence is the mother of good luck" and that sure seems to apply here.

Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement, messages of support and the lovely bunches of flowers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ronald McDonald House Fundraising

When one of our lovely Belly Beyond members asked if we could help promote Ronald McDonald House in Auckland we jumped at the chance to help any way we could.

Mr Belly Beyond and I have had the unfortunate experience of taking turns sleeping on the floor next to our childs bed in Starship and can only imagine how hard it must be to cope when away from your home and home town.

To raise money the Ronald McDonald House do an Annual Christmas Card appeal. The cards feature pictures drawn by children that have stay at the house and are available in pack of 10, or you can add a customized personal message if you order 50 or more (great for businesses - add your logo and a special message!)

For more details on Ronald McDonald House or to purchase cards online you can visit their website here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The "We Can't Add Sale" FREE Hotmilk Nighwear Sets

They say a picture says a thousand words, well in this case it's about 23. Buy any two sets of HOTmilk Lingerie from Belly Beyond (set = bra and knicker) and you can choose either a Slip Into Seduction Nightie or Ruffle My Feathers Set nightwear absolutely FREE. And we'll even deliver it for free too** (just select free delivery at checkout). Don't panic though this promo will be around a little while so you 'll have a chance to come back for more!

What you need to know: Yes you can absolutely exchange for another size if need be but if you would like to return any part of the purchase we'll need the nightwear back too sorry! (unworn please - hehehe)

Login to www.bellybeyond.co.nz from 8am tomorrow to start shopping!

Promo starts: 15th October and ends 30th November or while stocks last

**FREE delivery offer applies to NZ orders only

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why you should shop at a specialist

Had a customer email recently saying she had been told by another shop that she needed to replace the motor on her Medela Mini-Electric Breast Pump

Having owned one of these pumps myself and very familar with the product range I answered that yes we could get a new motor for her (and she wouldn't get much change from $130) but please check a couple of things for me.

One email later, we'd diagnosed the issue and the next day for under $20 including delivery she'd received her parts from us and the pump is working good as new.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Ultimate Guide for Getting Ready for Baby

Don't leave it too late! We know there is so much to remember so we've made a handy list to check off BEFORE the big day.

* Complete a Wishlist. It's a great way to inventory what you have, what you need, and what you want.

Around the House
* Changing table or change mat/wallet to change nappies

* If you own a 2-story home, create a changing area downstairs as well as upstairs.

* Install a shelf in the bathroom near the baby bath area with all necessities: shampoo, soap, cotton balls, washcloths, etc.. great to have it all handy and within reach.

* Get small little LED lights or night lights in various rooms where baby may sleep. You will appreciate the dim light so you can still see what you’re doing but it won’t stimulate baby.

* Fill Your Freezer, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to begin filling your freezer a few months before your baby arrives. The last thing you are going to want to do when you get home is to prepare meals for the family. Choose a day that is easiest for you to prepare an extra dinner for your freezer. Fill the freezer with things that are easy to double and to reheat. Some of the things that I chose to fill our freezer with were meatballs, meatloaf, pizza dough, casseroles, & lasagna. Make sure to clearly mark the outside of the packaging with what the item is and the date of preparation.

* Don't forget to organise someone to look after your pets. You might not need to use them, but it's much easier to set this up beforehand than try to scramble around last minute.

For baby
* Wash all baby clothes, bedding, towels and washcloths in mild natural baby detergent before using.

* Prepare a basic layette of essential clothing and equipment for the baby.

* Don't buy a lot of baby bottles, teats etc..some babies prefer only certain types and some babies only ever breastfeed. Wait and see what works for your baby.

* You can never own enough plain cloth nappies. They make great burp cloths, are a must when feeding baby and make an impromptu changing pad.

* Read about the pro and cons of Cord Blood Banking. It might be something you will want to consider and if so, you need to have it arranged in advance.

* If requiring daycare, call and visit them now. All the good daycares will have waiting lists.

* Nappies Galore, there will be lots of nappy changes in your future after bringing your baby home. If you are planning on using disposables, add nappies to your grocery list a few months before the baby arrives and pick a box up each time you go. Don’t buy too many of the newborn size and they grow out of them so quickly. Investigate modern cloth nappys, they are a fantastic option.

* Hire or buy your baby car seat.

* Try out the car seat in all your vehicles. Insure it will be compatible for all of them.

* Pack your Nappy bag packed with several nappies, blanket/wrap, change of clothes, washcloth or baby wipes

* When your big day is very close, try to keep the car topped up with petrol in the car - you will NOT want to stop to get petrol mid-labour!

* If you are birthing away from home, it help's to set up a back-up ride to the hospital or birthing unit - you really don't want to have to try to organise this while you are in the middle of labour. Having a back up means your birthing partner/husband has the option of meeting you there if things are progressing quickly.

The Bottom Line
Sleep, eat and read often. Enjoy your pregnancy!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Belly Beyond at the David Awards 2009: heroes in small business

What the Judges said:

Here's a transcript of the webcast from the David Awards 2009 where the Judges talk about Belly Beyond. I am blogging on this not to blow our own trumpet but so Heidi and I can look back in the years to come and have a record of it :)

Winner Best Fledgling Business Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Glenn Smith: This was a well represented category, in fact the one with the most entrants as it turned out, we are looking for a business that is under two years old, maybe a little bit quirky, certainly smart in how they approach things and very professionally set up.

Belly Beyond had just a terrific entry, high-energy, high-impact, they are professional, they just seem to have ticked all the boxes, they've done everything right in this category.

(Joint) Winner Most Innovate Use of Marketing Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Pam Martin: It's about the smart use of marketing that allows a small company to really punch above its weight

Belly Beyond have managed to create a very successful and very large company with some really substantial companies providing their goods and have become their top sales people.

Highly Commended Overall Supreme Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Nick Jones: The David Awards are all about celebrating small businesses that have done something extraordinary. They've stood out above the rest and been prepared to take on the bigger businesses, the Goliaths of the market, and often succeed based on courage, they've overcome adversity, they've used nimbleness and sometimes sheer grit to get through some really tough times.

Judge Glenn Smith: This [Belly Beyond's] is a great entry, everything from how to write it and how complete it was and how they obviously thought about everything they were putting in to it. Their vision is to be the number one baby boutique in NZ, I think that's achievable in fact I'd be surprised if they don't achieve it. This was a terrific entry, it had high-energy, high impact, it was professional, the owners seem to be approachable, it was very impressive.

Belly Beyond Makes it Mark at the David Awards 2009

PRESS RELEASE - 9 October 2009

Tattoos and trophies – the owners of online baby boutique Belly Beyond, celebrate branding success at The David Awards 2009.

Taking away the Most Outstanding Fledgling Business and Most Inspired Use of Marketing Awards co-founders of Belly Beyond, Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley are absolutely rapt. “It was exciting to get to the final round” says Heidi “but to win both our categories and also be named as Highly Commended in the Supreme Award is the icing on the cake.”

Organiser of the awards, Heather Douglas, says, “The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand, the “Davids” whose tenacity, courage and ingenuity place them firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.”

The busy Mums have such passion for their business that they’ve undertaken the ultimate in branding exercise and now sport matching Belly Beyond tattoos. “Being in business has signified a huge change of lifestyle for us so it’s a fitting acknowledgement of our first venture.” says Heidi “although the tattoo is a definite one-off for me.” “I’m just grateful our logo is small!” jokes Louisa.

It was a wish from Louisa not to return to her traditional office job after having her son Zachary, now 22 months, which sparked the best friends into business. Belly Beyond is also a finalist in the upcoming Waitakere Business Awards and Louisa says “we hope our success will inspire others to turn their business ideas into a reality, it’s hard work but if you enjoy what you are doing it is totally worth it.”


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

David Awards 2009: Belly Beyond win three awards

Today was a very exciting day for us. We work our arses off, doing incredibly long hours, always at the expense of family time, to get Belly Beyond to where we want it to be - at the forefront of online baby websites in this country. When you think online shopping for baby, we want you to think Belly Beyond.

Until today Heidi and I haven't said that out loud. Sure, we've said it to each other, we've written it in a business plan but today we were outed in public when a judge from the David Awards stated our wishes to be the number one baby site in the country. What's more, he added that there was no doubt in his mind we would achieve that. (high praise indeed!)

Check out the winners announcement webcast here for yourself. It takes a couple of minutes and you can see the other wonderful businesses that are a part of this years awards. We'd like to give a big thanks to Heather and the organisers of the Awards and to the Judges - we look forward to getting your feedback.

So to the details - Belly Beyond received the following awards:
  • Winner: Best Fledgling Business Award
  • Joint Winner: Marketing Award
  • Highly Commended: Supreme Award
I think it's fitting that we make mention of a few people behind the scenes:
  • The Mr Belly Beyonds: What fantastic husbands we have. Brilliant guys, friends and Dads and unwavering support for us. It's ironic that Heidi and I started Belly Beyond to be at home with our kids, yet our husbands have actually ended up taking on MORE work with house and kids, even after working a full day.

  • Employee on the Month Judy: what a find. One day we will pay you what you are worth :)

  • Nanny: My lovely Mum makes the trek from Waiheke every week to mind no. 1 grand-daughter and give me one kid-free day. Thanks so much for your efforts mum!

  • Jodi: Graphic Designer Extraordinaire and the reasons our ads always look so fresh and amazing
I really can't find the right words to sum up today except to say Congratulations to my Award-Winning business partner and best friend and YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Isoki Giveaway

Time for another giveaway!

Win an Isoki Change Clutch and all you have to do is be a Belly Beyond fan on Facebook as at 15th October.

Join us here www.facebook.com/bellybeyond Too easy!


Baby change mat folds up into clutch size purse. Holds nappies and slim line baby wipes. External zip pockets for small necessities. Softly padded mat area for baby's comfort.

* conveniently attaches to all prams
* hygenic and easy to clean
* made from cotton canvas with PVC coating
* available in a variety of colours and patterns

Measurements are:
59cm change mat open
26cm x 16cm clutch closed

Isoki Change Clutch

Friday, October 2, 2009

Security in the Wild West

They don't need alarms out west! This is a sign we spotted on the way out to the Belly Beyond Warehouse. For those that don't read westie, allow me to translate...

"WARNING: Camera Movement sensors operating, if I catch you stealing my plants I will cut your fingers off."

Sorry about the quality of the image - I took this from a bit of a distance, which given the content of the sign, is understandable!


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