Saturday, July 31, 2010

Market Day - Belly Beyond Stylz

Market Day was an absolute cracker and opening hour was madness.  At one point we managed to crash the server, no small feat!

We are definitely working on improving access on our opening bargains in future to ensure people aren't left feeling disappointed if they miss out.  My summary of the sale - "we may have some, one or none" - was pretty spot on!

If you didn't get the updates then make sure you sign up for our newsletter, top left of this page <------ or become a member on our popular Facebook page here

Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit

The mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit' helps busy parents to prepare simple, nutritious and economical food in your own home.

Includes :

* A simple step by step guide with 27 recipes.
* 2 premium portioned freezer trays with lids.

Recipe Booklet/Guide

The guide/recipe booklet has 27 recipes designed to educate you on the optimum way to prepare foods for your baby so they retain all their nutrition and goodness.

The guide also informs you of the signs of when your baby is ready for solids, shopping lists and nutritional information. The shopping lists include quantities, which eliminates food wastage when making your baby's food.

BPA-free freezer trays with lids for homemade baby purees

Freezer Trays

The trays have been purposely designed for freezing baby food (Australian accredited), they are made from non-toxic, non-leaching plastic - PP5 - and are dishwasher safe. For your peace of mind, the trays are BPA-free, PVC-free and do not contain any type of phthalates.

Each tray holds 21 cubes and each cube is about 2 tablespoons. The cubes have been designed so they are rounded at the bottom so you can 'lever' out the desired number of cubes and put the rest back in the freezer.

Each tray comes with a lid to ensure the food is kept hygienic and away from freezer burn. The lids have grooves in the top for easy stacking on top of each in your freezer. Parents often use one tray for fruit and one for vegetables.

The Solids Starter Kit is also a simple system for mothers who are returning to work as you can tell your caregiver to give your child X amount of cube portions per meal.

The cost of the mumi&bubi Solids Starter Kit equates to about 1 week's worth of store bought processed baby food. Parents often use the premium freezing trays for 6 months or more, saving over $1000!!!

Multi-purpose idea from Christina at Mumi&Bubi

If you don't have littlies at the solids stage and want to test the Solids Starter Kit, mash a few bananas add a few Tbsp yogurt and toss in some frozen blueberries or other fruit - I call these 'banana lollies' and toddlers love them!  A few chopped up cubes of banana lollies turns what used to be a bowl of ice cream into now mostly fruit & yogurt (with a tiny bit of ice cream on top). And it's handy to have these in the freezer to pop into a smoothie for yourself.

To remove the cubes when frozen, press on one end and the cube will lever out as the bottoms are rounded. If the cube seems stuck, run warm water over the back and it will lever right out as well. As the trays are made from non-toxic PP5 which is a rigid material, they are non-twisty.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ERGObaby A Year In the Life - Day 1

An ERGObaby Life

‘Babies’ the movie was released in June 2010. This movie follows four babies from four corners of the globe over a twelve month period. It captures their first smile, first taste of food, first steps – a whole plethora of ‘firsts’ in fact.

In the spirit of observing a little one over a period of time, Belly Beyond wanted to explore a ‘Year in the Life of an ERGObaby’…..what does the life of a baby and their parents look like when they enjoy the freedom of the ERGObaby Carrier? What do parents get up to when they aren’t tied to settling their babies in a cot? What adventures do they go on when they don’t have to lug a bulky pram? How much easier can life be with an ERGObaby?

We put the call out for one lucky family to be chosen to join the Belly Beyond team so that we could follow their journey for 12 months, from welcoming the birth of their little.


Congratulations to Gillian and her family, we are really looking forward to learning about your babywearing journey over the coming year!

Day #1 - 25th July 2010

Hi, We live in Christchurch & have 3 great children, aged nearly 6 & 4, & a brand new baby born on the 13th July 2010.

We live only 10 mins away from the beach and the Port Hills. We love spending time outdoors as a family, taking the kids to ride their bikes down near Sumner & Scarborough Beaches while we stroll down the esplanade, spending time up in the Port Hills and down at the local playgrounds & parks.

We are very excited to be able to use the ErgoBaby Carrier, its going to be great when we are out and about & even when we travel out of town, not having to pack the big stroller into the car, we can just go anywhere we want at any time. We go camping each year and it will be so easy when we go for walks and exploring. For me (Mum) I'm looking forward to holding my wee one close to me, and even being able to feed my baby in the carrier will be so great. I'm so impressed with the quality of the ErgoBaby carrier & cant wait to start this journey.


Gillian is currently using the ERGObaby Standard Carrier in Black along with the Heart2Heart Infant Insert

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Art Studio

Every now and then we have the pleasure of meeting people in business who just blow our socks off with the way they conduct themselves and the product or service they provide.

Liz from Book Art Studios is one such business person.  Liz is a member of a local business group, Connecting 0604, which is a support group for professional home based businesses within the 0604 post code community (thats Waitakere for those who don't speak post code).   The goal of the group is to promote home business as a lifestyle.

We met Liz at a Waitakere Enterprise After 5 event when she asked if we'd be happy for the group to come out to Belly Beyond HQ, meet with us and see how we run Belly Beyond.  "No problem" we said and in due course Liz organised 15 brave adventurers to roll out to the back and beyond of Waitakere township and see Belly Beyond in action as part of their day tour of local businesses.

It was a real treat to host everyone, Heidi did the tour around "the warehouse" aka, Heidi's lounge, spare bedroom, most the cupboards, and the garage and I got to yabber on about the benefits of social media and the chatter as the group left indicated that they'd definitely gotten something out of the visit.

As mentioned Liz runs Book Art Studios and it's fair to say she is a passionate book maker.  As a thank you for hosting, Liz created Belly Beyond note books for us and the other sites that she visited.  She explains:

"I had so much fun making the little books for everyone. Glad you liked yours. I’ve sent you a photograph of the books I made for all the speakers. The ships wheel was for our first speaker, author/filmmaker Lynton Diggle who has co-authored the book Shipwrecks. The ducks book for his wife Edith Diggle the artist (it’s one of her paintings on the cover of the book). The ones with tools for the owners of the Hardware cafĂ© and the others are self explanatory!"

The notebooks Liz created for us are so amazing, cool with a capital C in fact, and I just had to share Liz's work and website with you.    Check it out here!

Friday, July 23, 2010

NEW: Suvana Certified Organic Paw Paw Ointment

Paw Paw ointment has been a medicine cabinet staple for many Mums.  It's perfect for nappy rash, dribble rash, cradle cap and its just as good for adult ailments.

In our opinion this product should replace the other currently on the market (not naming any names, Lucas Pawpaw!) as Suvana brand is 100% Petrochemical Free and not petroleum based.    Did you ever wonder what that smell is coming out of that red tube?  Not really something I want to be putting on my familys sensitive areas. 

Edited to add:  Petroleum isn't listed in the ingredients list of Lucas Paw Paw because the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) rules mean that manufacturers need to list active ingredients only which means they don't need to list the petroleum base on the tube. NB: pharmacuetical grade petroleum has been used in many products for many years. Our (personal) preference, like a lot of parents, is for a more natural alternative and lots of people aren't aware of the petroleum base in some types of PawPaw ointment- hence the blog post about it.
The contents of the sunny yellow tube of Suvana however is Certified Organic by Ecocert (the world's leading organic certification body with a charter for beauty products) and Cosmebio (Europe's most recognized organic beauty association).

But most importantly, it's the business.  I've used it so often over the last couple of weeks, most recently on Miss 5's face where after a terrible bout of flu, her nostrils and upper lip were inflamed red patches of nasty.  A couple of applications of the Suvana PawPaw and the painful dry patches are totally gone. 

So don't forget to go the YELLOW tube of Suvana Certified Organic Paw Paw Ointment.  Available online at Belly Beyond for on $11.95.

Made in Australia.

Some uses as a local topical application are:

• Abscesses - Boils - Bruises - Burns - Carbuncles - Chafings
• Cuts - Cysts - Dry & Cracked skin on hands & feet
• Gravel rash - Heat rash - Insect stings - Mosquito and other bites
• Open wounds - Pimples - Scalds - Scars - Sunburn
• Swelling associated with injury - Splinters - thorns.
• Nappy Rash - Cradle Cap - Eczema - Psoriasis

NEW: Giimmo Night Light

Oink Oink!

Introducing Tango, the new Giimmo Night light.

A night light is such a versatile option for baby's room because it provides a soft light in the wee hours and becomes a firm friend when toddlers hit that stage of being afraid of the dark (approx 2 years old).  With a night light on they can see their room, find their snuggly and slip off back to sleep and are far less inclined to call out for Mum and Dad.

When toilet training comes around, we encourage our little ones to take their Giimmo's with them during the night to light the way.   Because the Giimmo is manufactured using an LED light, it does not emit any heat so it is very child-friendly and although it's absolutely not recommended, it has passed the drop test in our house umpteen times!

NEW: Skip*Hop Zoo Pack Styles

Every toddler loves an adventure and they will love to take their Skip*Hop Zoo Packs along for the fun!
Two new characters have joined the team, Bee and Owl

Check out the full range on Belly Beyond here

NEW: Totally Portable Travel Cot

What a spectactular idea.  These portable travel cots are absolutely perfect if you are going away either local or overseas and want to have piece of mind that you can create a safe sleep space anywhere in just a a few seconds.

Weighing in at less than 3kg it is suitable for use from birth to approximately 18 months and yes it also comes complete with a padded mattress as well as an integrated zip-up mosquito net, perfect for tropical escapes then!

We have two pop-up cots available, the fun Koo-di Bubble cot above or the Samsonite Travel Cot (below), both of which are great unisex colour options.  See more details on these amazing travel cots here

ERGObaby Carrier Deal

Wow what a deal!

A great price for the brilliant ERGObaby Carrier and every order gets a free pair of Babylegs!!

From 14 -23 July or while stocks last.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oops: Woman's Weekly makes X-rated mistake

Last week saw a photo published in NZ Womans Weekly that should never have made the press.

Here is it in all its, um, glory.

This photo contains nudity.  Do not click if nudity offends.

I'm not easily offended

Friday, July 16, 2010

SPOTTED: Belly Beyond in the latest OHbaby!

OHbaby Magazine did a feature on starting solids this issue and picked our Isoki Munch Bag as a great carry all for out and about.

They are also using the amazing sleeping baby graphic from the Sweet Cheeks Merino Nightie as part of their Ulitimate Giveaway competition.

Hooray!  More details on the Belly Beyond media page

Western Leader

Heidi and I made the latest Western Leader - big photo too!  I think the one they used is where the photographer was faffing about and we were both standing there going "is he taking the photo?".  At least we don't look like chesire cats I suppose.

And in a rather lovely turn of events, this issue is also the one that Heidi's grandfather, Jack, makes a starring appearance. 

Nice one Jack!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Win a $3000 Cariboo Nursery

Wow!  Purchase any Cariboo product from Belly Beyond and go in the draw to win the Ultimate Cariboo Nursery including:

-Classic Cot
-Classic Dresser
-Toddler Conversion Kit
-Baby Lounger
-Activity Gym

plus a Cariboo Fern clothing package worth $250 making a total prize pool of over $3000.

You need to have ordered and paid your entry form returned by 3rd September.  Good luck!

Please see the full terms and conditions on the Cariboo NZ website here

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delish Cupcakes

So it's a Cake day on the Blog today and when we think Cake, apart from Cake Lingerie of course, we think cupcakes. And when we think Cupcakes we think DELISH!!

We've worked with the lovely girls from Delish Cupcakes on a few projects now and they never fail to impress us with the cupcakes they deliver.  Stunning colours, amazing icing, oh and yes they taste as delicious as they look!!

How would you like to win a dozen cupcakes from Delish Cupcakes!?  What you do with them is totally up to you.  ;)

Stay tuned for more info!

Cake Lingerie make

Congratulations to the Cake Lingerie team for being included in a write up on!

Check out more information on the Cake Lingerie Meringue Nursing Bra and matching underwear here

And I can't do a blog post on Cake and not mention the amazing detail on these bras.  Here are a couple of close-up shots from the Belly Beyond Pantry so you can see what I mean.

A slice of Blueberry Torte

A scoop of French Vanilla

A dollop of Plum Pudding

A puff of Meringue 

Cake Lingerie - New Styles Available NOW!

The first shipment of Meringue and Blueberry Torte Moulded Cup Nursing bras by the divine Cake Lingerie were dispatched to customers last week and the feedback is great! 

Although these bras are absolutely stunning to look at, they really are designed for fit and comfort first and foremost and I can't emphasise enough how right Cake have got it here.

The Blueberry in particular was a favourite with our Real NZ Mums with all four mums wanting a set for themselves!

This is Real Mum Chanel modelling the bra and bikini underwear and Real Mum Alisha in the PJ shorts and nursing camisole.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OiOi Nappy bags - Free gift with Purchase worth over $70!

Wow!  Purchase any of the 12 qualifying styles of OiOi Nappy Bag at Belly Beyond and receive an Aden & Anais muslin wrap pack worth $71.95 absolutely FREE!

OiOi were the first company to take stylish nappy bags to a new level and still lead the way.  See the amazing OiOi collection here

Facebook Competition and Promotion Rules

I had the opportunity to give a brief talk about social media at the recent Her Business Forum and one of the most commented on parts of this talk was the information I gave about Facebook promotions.  I promised a blog post on the subject, so here it is.

Facebook updated their promotion rules late 2009 and since that time the majority of competitions I see on small (and large!) business Facebook pages have been in breach of those rules.

In a nutshell - you cannot make the entry of a competition dependent on an action made on Facebook.  That's the important part so I will say it again.

You cannot make the entry of a competition dependent on an action on Facebook.  

In other words it is against Facebook Promotion rules to have people enter a competition by: 
  • becoming a 'liker' (or fan)*
  • tagging themselves in a photo
  • commenting on your wallpage or post
  • putting a comment or @ tag in their status
  • uploading a photo or video 
This is not not an exhaustive list, rather a list of common ways I see Facebook miss-used every day. 

But what about all the other people that run promotions, why are they allowed to?  Well, they're not.  They've just flown under the radar, just as we did until earlier in the year when we decided that given the amount of time we put into the Belly Beyond Facebook page, it was simply too big a risk to run and stopped running promotions on the page.

So what am I allowed to do?

  • Spread the word
You can use your Facebook page as a place to give people information about a competition.  That means you can talk about the competition, ask people to share it or ask people to like it you simply can't make such an action on Facebook a method of entry into the comp.
  • NOTIFYING WINNERS:  Be careful to follow the guidelines about winners notifications.  You can't let people know they've won via a Facebook wall post or message.  The easiest way is to email the winner, although it appears you can put the winners details on your Facebook page, just not as first line of notification.
  • Use a third party application
You can use a third-party application to run a promotion.  You'll notice the Facebook Guidelines state that all promotions must first get written permission from Facebook but you can get around this by using applications such as Wildfire to host the competition and because they are administered off Facebook they meet the promo guidelines. We have used Wildfire in the past and it was ok, but it's not free and is restrictive on what you can do with the information you gather.

* Although you can't just say 'like' my page to automatically be entered into a competition you CAN make them like your page in order to access the promotion tab via a Third Party App.

What could happen?

You might be lucky enough to receive a warning.  A friend was looking after a very large brand promo on Facebook and received an email from the Facebook-Powers-That-Be giving them 15 minutes to shut the promo down or have the page deleted.  If you're not a big brand or aren't near your email when the warning comes in, you may simply find the plug pulled and your page, and all that work, gone.

The official Facebook Promotions Guideline page is here if you'd like it from the horses mouth, so to speak.

What else?

Don't set up a separate business page from your personal page because multiple accounts are another no-no.  You can just add a business page under your personal profile if you have one.

It used to be that the creator of the page could never be removed.  For small businesses where the page is created by the owner this would not normally be an issue however think about how many larger businesses leave their "tech geeks" to look after this side of the business and set everything up.  A scary thought when said "tech geek" leaves your employ!  So Facebook have changed this slightly and now any page Admin can delete any other Admin including the page creator but this still needs to be carefully managed.  Not much fun if you add an Admin to your page only to have them remove YOU at some point!


The ZMOnline Facebook page was deleted today because they posted a 'naughty' link.  It's a good reminder to think about what you are sharing on Facebook and to be sure it doesn't breach Facebook Terms of Use.

Do you have a story to share about Facebook promos?  Was your page deleted?  We'd love to hear about your experiences.

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert, just a fanatical Facebook user for our business.  This post is simply a summary and by no means gospel.  If you believe it to be incorrect or you can improve on it, then please let us know! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grand Parent Names

Master 1 melted his grandparents hearts at the weekend when he called them "Nan and NanDad".  So I thought it would be fun to do a call out on our Facebook page and as well as the standard Grandma and Grandad, Nanna and Poppa here are some of the replies for what little kids call their grand parents.
  • Nanni and Dat
  • Nannan and Gaddin
  • Nanny and Gra
  • Gran and Gran
  • Ganpa
  • Daddad
  • Gan and MoreGan
  • Baba
  • GG
  • Nannan and Gangan
  • Nonna and Nonno
  • Gaga
  •  Danny and Daddad
  • Nancat and Gangad
  • Gran and Da
And a hat-tip for my grandfather whom we lovingly called Kapa.  xx

Westpac Business Excellence Awards

I was browsing the Waitakere Enterprise site last week and spotted this page

There is paragraph there that mentions a few of the winners of these awards -

"For the last 15 years, the Westpac Waitakere Business Awards has honoured local companies, their people and their extraordinary achievements in business. Your name could be among the likes of Babich Wines, Belly Beyond, Phoenix Organics,  and Douglas Pharmaceuticals"

Say what???   Belly Beyond???  I almost fell off my chair to be included in such amazing business company! 

Last year, we won the Best Small Business 2009 and made the finals in the Marketing Excellence category (which we lost out to the fantastic wine brand Te Henga The Westie).

So this year we've entered again, although not in the category we won which isn't allowed, and we have gotten the good news that we've been selected as a Finalist in the Marketing Excellence and in the Young Business Person of the Year!  We get to add two of these little badges to our email signature and the hard work really begins.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

OHBaby Ultimate Competition

Every year OHbaby! Magazine runs their Ultimate Competition and we are proud to be part of the fun! 

The major prize winner gets to take away a multitude of prizes worth over $20,000. There are over 90 runner up prizes too!  If you only enter one competition this year, this would be the one!!

Here's a peak at the Belly Beyond tile, warm and snuggly merino babies in their Sweet Cheeks merino nighties!

Check out the full list of prizes on the OHbaby! website.


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