Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 reasons to use a breast pump

Any new Mum will tell you that a good breast pump can come in handy. Here are a few reasons why:

Keeps the milk flowing
Many women today go back to work after their baby arrives. Keeping the milk flowing while you're away from your baby helps you avoid the expense of formula. Plus, using a breast pump allows you the flexibility to get back to work without your baby having to miss out on your milk.

Makes it easier for baby to latch on
Sometimes a mother's breast becomes too full for her baby to latch on easily. Pumping for a few minutes softens your nipple and breast enough so the baby can latch on a little easier.

Helps draw out your nipples
If you have inverted nipples, it may be difficult for your baby to latch on. Using a breast pump for a few minutes will help draw out your nipples, which may make it easier for your baby to take the breast.

Provides milk for premature or ill babies
Some babies are too premature or ill to latch onto their mother's breast. When this happens, you can pump. Your milk is like a medicine for your baby. Babies who receive mother's milk are sometimes able to take their food by mouth sooner, and this may help them come home from the hospital earlier.

Increases low milk supply
If you're having trouble making enough milk, using a breast pump will help you increase your milk supply. Pumping to drain your breasts of milk more fully more times each day helps speed up your milk production.

At Belly Beyond, we know that the best breast pump in the world - is baby - so let your baby feed on demand (whenever they want to in other words).  Because babies only have tiny tummies, this may be every few hours but rest assured you will both settle into a pattern of feeding with out the need to implement strict time guidelines. 

If and when you decide you do need a breast pump check out our great range of Medela breast pumps and accessories and leading brand of breast pumps from Ameda.

Reprinted with permission

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Before Belly Beyond existed (was there ever such a time!!!) my Mr Belly Beyond and I wrote a list of goals that we wanted to achieve.  This was back in 2003 and I've just dug out the scrap of paper we wrote them on.

Out of the nine goals I had listed, as of Tuesday, I have acheived every single one of them.  They range from the altruistic wish for happiness and health for my family to the more selfish such as having my teeth done and laser eye surgery.

But this blog isn't supposed to be about me (yeah right) but a huge cyber PDA to Mr Belly Beyond for making the whole lot possible.  He's my biggest supporter (and critic at times!) and I think I'm incredible lucky to be married to him and be celebrating 10 utterly amazing years of marriage tomorrow.

Now to write a whole new set of goals!  What do you reckon - do you think Donald Trump is hiring? ;)

Revolutionary New Product

We are so excited to be able to bring you this amazing new product!!   It's going to be an absolute winner don't you think?  Pre-orders recommended ;)

A baby cage.  Actually on second thought maybe that's not such a crazy idea - but then they go and ruin it by hanging it out the window three stories up!

A definite for the WHAT ON EARTH WERE THEY THINKING files?????

And a baby carrier Belly Beyond won't be stocking.  I love the caption "Because who wouldn't want to take something as fragile as a baby onto a rock-hard surface with very little friction?"


Visitor Books

Polly from ZM Online was talking this morning about a friend having Visitors Book to sign whenever someone visits the house.

The general consensus was that for just every day use, this was a bit weird BUT we reckon there is a perfect time when having a visitors books is a brilliant idea - when you've just had a baby.

Depending on how your birth went you might not be completely with it and having somewhere where people can share their congratulations will mean you have a chance to actually remember what they said!

If you are planning to give birth at hospital, then take it to hospital. If after the birth, you are sleeping or just not up to visitors, then get your partner to ask people to sign the visitors book instead.  (like you really feel like seeing your boss or Great Aunt Mertle right now!)

It's a lovely momento of the big occasion and one you can look back on and share with your child once they are older.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facebook Pirate Display

We love discovering new tricks to Facebook and here's another we've not seen before.

It's a very cool way to view Facebook if you are sick of the same old display.

Go to Account Settings > Language

and select English (Pirate)

And in no time at all you'll be can check out your Cap'ns Log, choose ye mateys, see the shiniest bootie or if the whole Facebook thing has gotten all too much ye can abandon ship.

Arrggh indeed!  Don't forget to check out the secret Treasure Map to discounts ahoy on the Belly Beyond fan page!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sports Nursing Bra by La Leche League

Here at Belly Beyond, we aren't the type to sit on our hands and are always on the lookout for something new to bring to you.

A perfect example are these amazing Sports Nursing Bras from La Leche League which have just arrived into store.

There'll definitely be no more sore boobies or black eyes after a walk with the mountain buggy! ;)
Only $39.95 and only available at Belly Beyond.

Watch the short video or see more detail on the site here

ERGO Baby Carrier Heart 2 Heart Insert - It's a definite yes from the experts!

Check out this amazing letter from an ERGObaby fan who knows her onions!

Dear ERGObaby,

I am a prenatal chiropractor in Los Angeles who you sent a Heart to Heart insert and ERGObaby carrier to. I am so very excited about your new insert and so excited to tell you about all of the success I’ve had in spreading the word about your awesome products!

Regarding the new insert, I cannot say enough good things about it! The spinal support that it provides to newborns/infants is superb, with the focus being on the sacrum, pelvis and even hips where they need it the most. I really appreciate that baby can be snugly supported against the parent so as mom or dad is moving around the baby’s neck and spine are comfortably held in place – no flopping like with other carriers, and even so much better than the old insert. Another feature that is so very important for developing infants is that they can be placed into the carrier in their natural “frog legged” posture until their hips are ready to spread on their own.

I am frequently applauding new parents for wearing their babies in whatever carrier they have chosen, and then find myself gently discussing why specific features of their carrier could be better. Now I find myself pulling out the ERGObaby carrier while I have this discussion so that the parents can visualize and even test out this healthier choice for both baby and parent. All too often it is not until babies have developed lumbo-sacral or hip trouble that parents think about the various postures their babies have been in that may have caused it. It has been my mission for some time now to support the use of wraps and carriers that do not force a baby’s hips to be externally rotated and excessively spread prior to when the baby is developmentally ready for this posture. I am so happy to say that you have successfully designed a product that enables parents to use one carrier throughout the development of their baby!

An interesting trend that I have observed in my practice is that parents seem to be happy with the less “body-friendly” carriers until their little ones reach about 15 pounds. Time and again moms (and sometimes dads) will come to me with back and shoulder pain that started during a walk with their baby in the carrier. More often than not the carrier in question is the Bjorn style and the parent will explain that it is no longer comfortable to wear their baby for more than thirty minutes to an hour. After I let them test out the ERGObaby I hear the same quote come out of so many parents mouths “I should have just bought this in the first place!”

So thanks to your generosity in giving my office the ERGObaby and infant insert I am able to educate more parents early on – as in during pregnancy – about the benefits of a carrier that grows with their baby. This has certainly helped to create much healthier and happier new parents.

On a personal note, I have a four month old daughter Geneva who I walk daily in the ERGObaby carrier with the new insert (though I think she is soon to outgrow it). Many of my patients have seen me walking around town and into the office with her in the ERGObaby carrier and if we haven’t already discussed it as an option for them, we suddenly have new motivation to. Many friends of mine have converted to your carrier as well after hearing about the long walks and adventures both my husband and I have had with Geneva in her carrier. In particular we went to Berlin, Germany when she was 10 weeks old and your ERGObaby carrier was a life-saver! We would walk the city from early morning to late evening with her bundled in a snowsuit sitting cozily in her carrier. She’d come out to nurse or stretch while we rested for coffee or meals, and then she would happily settle back in for another nap. I am happy to report that I carried her for days like this with no back pain or fatigue whatsoever! I have attached a photo from this trip as it was such a special time for us that was made even more enjoyable with ease of the ERGObaby carrier.

It has been such as joy to speak with ERGObaby users who haven’t seen the new insert yet…or until they see me with it. At least once a week I am stopped at the farmer’s market or on a hike and parents will tell me about when they used the old insert and how it was more cumbersome for them. I happily tell of the developmental benefits of the Heart to heart and people seem so happy and eager to try it with their next baby or to tell a friend.

Thanks again for creating such a fantastic product, and for sharing it with me and my patients! I look forward to a continued relationship with your company.


Lalanya Bridges

Reprinted with permission

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cake Lingerie Puts The Yummy Into Mummy

Media Release 19 February 2010


Cake Lingerie Puts The Yummy Into Mummy

With names like Cookies N Cream and Strawberry Shortcake, expectant mums will be tempted to take a bite out of the new maternity and nursing lingerie range by Cake Lingerie.

Inspired by old-school glamour, Cake Lingerie specialises in the creation of high fashion maternity lingerie that celebrates pregnancy and femininity. Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, founders of online baby boutique Belly Beyond, are bringing the label to New Zealand to meet demand caused in part by the recent yummy mummy phenomenon. “The Cake Lingerie range is designed specifically to make pregnant and breast feeding mothers feel good” says Louisa. “Modern mums want maternity lingerie beyond beige nana knickers and who could argue they don’t deserve it?” adds Heidi.

Cake's designer, Tracey Montford, has made sure that the collection doesn’t just look amazing but combines fashion with comfort and practicality. Features include cotton linings, discreet drop down cups for nursing as well as extra length in the band and straps to accommodate a mum-to-be’s expanding curves.

The delicious collection is available now from selected retailers and online exclusively at


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gorgeous newborn photos

Check out these amazing shots of newborn babies taken by two Nebraska sisters.

I'm not sure how comfy the wee ones are with their heads in their hands but they certainly don't look upset!

View the picture gallery here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby names, what could have been...

My surname is Currie and I often joked that my children would be called Spicy Chicken or Thai Beef.

I loved the name Harrison but then that would make the poor tyke Harry Currie, "far too close" said Mr Belly Beyond "to sounding like the japanese Hare-kare!"

Given the plethora of weird and wonderful celebrity baby names those probably wouldn't have been too out of place but back in the real world have you  had some funny 'could have been' moments when deciding baby names?

HOTmilk Sugar Coated Comfort PJ Pants DELIVERED FREE*

We firmly believe when life serves you lemons you make lemonade!

Can't sell the full HOTmilk Sugar Coated Comfort PJ sets anymore but we do have the fantastic PJ pants.

Every girls dream PJ pants, made from super soft cotton and with drawstring waist even on your most "blah" of days they are comfy as and super stylish.

Delievered absolutely FREE* within NZ for just $24.95 - choooice :)    Buy now

Aussies aren't forgotten!  You get these delivered for UNDER AU$24 Buy Now
12.5% NZ GST deducted at checkout :)

*Free delivery applies for all orders to be delivered within NZ.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Win A Wishlist Winner Announced



$1000 Wishlist = Karen Simpson
Aden & Anais Wraps = Ally Hay
Stego Nightlight = Sarah Kahi

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Popular Baby Names

I'm a total data junkie and because we are running a competition that involves a lot of data (Win your $1000 Wishlist) I've been spending a lot of time lately analysing the Belly Beyond database and have come up with some fun facts on first names (well fun if you have a geek gene like me).

Belly Beyond Members First Names

There are a massive 1653 unique first names among our members.  From Abby to Zoe that's a lot of names! 

The Most Popular First Name

Name                 Occurs
Rachel 88
Lisa 85
Michelle 72
jo 69
Rebecca 68
Anna 68
Amanda 68
Kate 66
Emma 63

And interestly Emma is still a regular on the current popular baby names lists.

NZ's Most Popular Baby Girls Names 2006-2009

Rank                      2006                       2007                       2008                       2009      
1                              Charlotte             Ella                         Sophie                  Sophie
2                              Ella                         Sophie                  Olivia                     Ruby
3                              Sophie                  Olivia                     Ella                         Olivia
4                              Emma                   Emma                   Isabella                 Isabella
5                              Olivia                     Charlotte             Charlotte             Ella
6                              Emily                     Emily                     Lily                          Emily
7                              Grace                    Lily                          Emma                   Charlotte
8                              Jessica                  Grace                    Emily                     Lily
9                              Hannah                Hannah                Jessica                  Emma
10                           Lily                          Isabella                 Grace                    Amelia

By the way, the image of the "Emma" in pink above is of our Custom Made Names by Fudge Design.   You can get your very own name done in your choice of 10 colours starting from just $54.  Here's some more Fudge goodness below

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OiOi Baby Bag Collection for Autumn Winter 2010

Yummy - I love February.  It's the time of year when Australian company OiOi release their new collection for the cooler months.

Here's a sneak peak at our top picks and the whole collection is on our Facebook page

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medela Breast Pumps - Internet sales

It seems the powers that be have realised intenet retail is the way of the future for many and we can now sell Medela Breast Pumps direct over the internet without a consult.  We currently stock:

-Medela Swing
-Medela Mini-Electric
-Medela Mini-Electric Plus
-Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
-Medela Pump In Style Advanced
-Medela Freestyle

Plus all spare parts from breast sheilds to valves to spare mains adapter plugs!

Check out Belly Beyond for prices and the full range

We are still available for a chat by email or phone of course should you need any advice at all.  We are breastfeeding and expressing mums ourselves and want to help you find the right pump for your situation!

Nursing Bra Styles and Types - Buyers Guide

We have an ever growing range of Maternity and Nursing bras at Belly Beyond.  Here's a brief breakdown on the main styles and types.

A-Frame Nursing Bras

HOTmilk Tamed by Her Sensuality:  Sizes 10B-20G

HOTmilk Awakened by Her Desire:  Sizes 10B-20G

HOTmilk She Blushes in Delight:  Sizes 10B-20G

Side Sling Nursing Bras 
HOTmilk Radient in Her Rescue:  Sizes 10B-18F 

HOTmilk Her Midnight Charm:  Sizes 10B-18F

HOTmilk Her Desire was Dangerous:  Sizes 8A-18F

Wrap Style

Be sure to check out the latest post on the Belly Beyond TV where Louisa demonstrates two HOTmilk Nursing Bra styles.

When to buy nursing bras?
We agree with the La Leche League advice to purchase nursing bras when you are approx 36 weeks  pregnant as this is the size your breasts are likely to settle to after baby is born and you are through the first 3-6 weeks "settle down" period .

You might need a super stretchy bra as well during that settling period as your breasts will increase in size dramatically for a short time when your milk comes in!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from HOTmilk

HOTmilk are celebrating Valentines Day and you get the chance to win beautiful jewellery Kagi!

1st Prize
A selection of Kagi jewellery valued at $1500

2nd Prize
A selection of Kagi jewellery valued at $750

3rd Prize

A selection of Kagi jewellery valued at $300

A unique code will be included with every order of HOTmilk from Belly Beyond.

From 7 February and strictly valid only while competition voucher codes last.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hairy Celebs

Warning:  TMI Post.

Much to Heidi's embarrasment I'm not fastidious about shaving my underarm hair - if I happen to have done it before a big business meeting all well and good, but there's been a few occasions where I haven't, and we certainly see the eyebrows raise!!

With this in mind Heidi made be shave my underarms before the Waitakere Business Awards so that if we won, we could do the champion pose, award above our heads and I'd not be flashing hairy pits.  As it turned out it was good advice!  (see the photo left)

Anyway, I smiled when I saw this collection of hairy celebs and had to share the link - see, it's not the end of the world!!! :)

See the slideshow

Thursday, February 4, 2010

They're Baaaaaack! HOTmilk PJ Sets

Our best seller is back!

Grab this set while you can.  Was $89.95 now only $39.95 including delivery NZ wide.   Thats right, purchase a pair of HOTmilk Sugar Coated Comfort PJ's and save $50 and we'll also delivery them to you for absolutely free.

Size Small - XL

FACEBOOK BONUS OFFER:   See the sealed section of our Facebook page for an extra bonus offer :)

Go Shopping on Belly Beyond here!  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What if a Target tradesman went through your undie draw?

We've had some awesome customer comments on some of the underwear orders this week.  Mostly thanking us for such a cool sale and how they desperately needed them because they keep recycling the same 4 pairs.  One customer ordered 7 different pairs and proudly told us she plans to throw every single other pair she owns out when they new HOTmilk arrives!

It made us think about how many pairs of undies are in our own underwear draws versus how many pairs we actually wear.

Heidi's Breakdown

21 pair of undies

4 remind me of my young and child free days, hey I could use them as dental floss now

10 that are either too big, too small or don’t hold in my post baby belly

6 that I thrash because they are comfy and fit and keep everything where it should be

1 really heavy duty impossible to put on and take off bike pant type undies, but you look fantastic while you’re wearing them (don’t go to the toilet while out in case you can’t get them back on properly)

I should really throw them all out (except the really heavy duty one) and buy a whole new lot, I’ve been surviving on 6 pairs for 2 years so for $60 I’d be proud to be on target

So what would a pervy tradesman find if he went through your underwear draw?  Comment below and win a weeks worth of HOTmilk underwear in your size! (and remember HOTmilk fits any bottom, not just preggies!  S-XXL)

HOTmilk fits all bottoms

You do not have to be pregnant to wear the gorgeous range of briefs and knickers from HOTmilk - they fit just like any other pair of undies (well actually they probably fit better!)

Go on - treat yourself - it's only $10 per pair at Belly Beyond for a very limited time!!

Sizes:  Small - XXL
Belly Beyond


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