Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nursing Bra Styles and Types - Buyers Guide

We have an ever growing range of Maternity and Nursing bras at Belly Beyond.  Here's a brief breakdown on the main styles and types.

A-Frame Nursing Bras

HOTmilk Tamed by Her Sensuality:  Sizes 10B-20G

HOTmilk Awakened by Her Desire:  Sizes 10B-20G

HOTmilk She Blushes in Delight:  Sizes 10B-20G

Side Sling Nursing Bras 
HOTmilk Radient in Her Rescue:  Sizes 10B-18F 

HOTmilk Her Midnight Charm:  Sizes 10B-18F

HOTmilk Her Desire was Dangerous:  Sizes 8A-18F

Wrap Style

Be sure to check out the latest post on the Belly Beyond TV where Louisa demonstrates two HOTmilk Nursing Bra styles.

When to buy nursing bras?
We agree with the La Leche League advice to purchase nursing bras when you are approx 36 weeks  pregnant as this is the size your breasts are likely to settle to after baby is born and you are through the first 3-6 weeks "settle down" period .

You might need a super stretchy bra as well during that settling period as your breasts will increase in size dramatically for a short time when your milk comes in!


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