Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Fair Go for Fairtrade

We see it advertised everywhere - Fairtrade this, Fairtrade that but what exactly does it mean?

Firstly it's important to point out that anyone can put "Fair Trade" (2 words) on something and it means bugger all. 

You’ve probably heard of green washing, where a company claims they or a product are enviromentally-friendly when really they aren't any more than the anyone else.  Calling a product Fair Trade when it’s not audited by the Fairtrade Association (FTA) is Fairtrade Washing – it’s misleading.

"Fairtrade" (one word) means an independent auditing body has guaranteed that the entire supply chain is sustainable, and best practice for decent working conditions and pay standards are adherred to.  

Take Earthlings, their Waiheke Island based childrens clothing range, is Fairtrade.  The FTA audits their supply chain from the cotton field to the end product.  Companies like Earthlings, that are comitted to this process, pay 2% quarterly to Fairtrade and only after a completed audit do they have the right to use the Fairtrade logo.

What about supporting NZ Made? 
Of course we should buy NZ made where we can.  The thing people forget is that cotton is not grown in NZ – the majority is grown in the Third World and is sent here as yarn to be made into garments.  It's in the cotton fields where the worst injustices are faced and that is why it's important to look for and purchase  Fairtrade when you can.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

HOTmilk $10 undies - Belly Beyond Bottoms Up SALE


An interesting blog you might say.  A list of 20 words meaning bottom.  I'm not going nuts, I don't have Tourettes, I'm just trying to make the point that if you have a bottom, or a rump, or a tooshie then you need undies and you should check out the Belly Beyond Bottoms Up Sale.  Not BUTTS about it!  Ok ok, enough of the bad puns.

MYTH :  HOTmilk and Womama underwear is for pregnant women only
 Not true!!  You do not have to be pregnant or planning to be to enjoy these gorgeous undies.  You'll find them amoung the most comfortable and sexy you've ever worn and at this price you can stock up.

Bikini Briefs $10
G-Strings $10
French Knicker $12 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parents urged to check sun safety at child care

As thousands of preschool children head back to kindergarten and childcare centres around the country this week, parents are being reminded to check on their centres sun safety policy, and that it is actually being followed.

The call comes from Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley of online baby boutique Belly Beyond, who specialise in UV protective clothing for babies and toddlers.  The Auckland business women have both lost family members to melanoma and are highlighting the issue after learning of the horrific incident last year where an Australian toddler received second degree sunburn while at his local childcare centre.

"New Zealand has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world" says Louisa "and research shows the majority of skin damage occurs when we are kids".  Heidi adds "Young children are totally reliant on their caregivers to ensure they are safe from the sun and the main point that needs to be emphasised is that the cancer causing UV rays do penetrate though cloud cover, so sun safety applies even on cloudy days".

At this time, the Ministry of Education does not have a dedicated sun safety policy for early childhood centres.

Parents can do their part by making sure a good sunblock is applied prior to dropping children off and ensuring their kids have a hat and are wearing t-shirts and three-quarter pants rather than singlets and shorts.

"It doesn't take long to apply sunblock and even less time to pop a hat on". says Louisa. "And if a few minutes a day is all it takes to reduce the risk of melenoma and skin cancer, then few people would argue it's not worth it."

What to ask your Early Childhood Education Centre:

* do you have sunblock available for use or if not can I bring in sunblock for you to apply to my child?
* do you scheduled times of application when outside play is occuring?
* does the centre have lots of shaded play areas?
* are children encouraged to wear hats outside?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Blue

After a hard slog, we finally had toilet training sorted when the well-meaning Mr Belly Beyond has gone and put "blue stuff" in the toilet cistern which results in total refusal by Miss 4 to use the toilet.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

ERGObaby Carrier Price Roll Back

When was the last time you saw someone DROP their prices?

Well, we've always done things a little differently and after a some hard negotiating we can announce that the ERGObaby standard carrier and ERGObaby Sport price has come DOWN - wohoo!

The standard ERGObaby Carrier price will be $199 (from $209.95) and the ERGObaby Sport Carrier will be $189 (from $204.95) and that includes delivery anywhere in NZ.

Belly Beyond are the experts in the ERGObaby brand.  Both Heidi and Lou have used their own Ergo's almost every day for the last 2 years - if you have an Ergo query, it's a sure bet we'll have the answer. 

Not only are we an authorised ERGOBaby retailer we also have the largest range of ERGObaby Carriers in the country.  We carry a lot of stock so it's likely we'll have your ERGO delivered to your door in only a few days (rather than a few weeks some places will make you wait!).  If a colour option isn't on our site, it's because it's been phased out by ERGObaby and we don't simply don't have any old stock left!   Here's our current range:

ERGOBaby Carrier Colours - Standard
Black/Camel (left), Camel

ERGObaby Carrier Sport

ERGObaby Carrier Galaxy Grey

ERGObaby Carrier Organic Range
Cranberry / camel lining

Chocolate / coffee lining



And a Standard Cranberry Colour is coming very soon!

See them in action on Belly Beyond

Ameda Breast Pump Range

Belly Beyond is now offering the amazing Ameda Breast Pump range online at

Why Ameda?
  • Ameda is a new name in New Zealand but Ameda breast feeding products have been serving the needs of mums and babies for over 60 years.  Ameda complies with the World Health Organisations International Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitute and this is a big deal because the WHO Code is a unique tool to protect and promote breast feeding around the world.  It's designed to ensure breast milk subsitutes, nipples and bottles are not marketed in an innapropriate manner.
  • Ameda has a fantastic range of resources to help with breast feeding and expressing and we will be able to share these with you over the coming weeks.
  • All Ameda breast feeding products are BPA free.
  • Ameda breast pumps have an exclusive, patented Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System, features a unique silicone diaphragm that acts as a barrier, separating the user from the suction source.  So what?  Well what this means in English is that bacteria are kept out of the collect milk and because milk or moisture can't get into the tubing, you don't have to clean the tubing! BONUS!

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Pump
Why buy a single pump when you can get a double for the same price?  The overseas reviews for this pump are amazing and we can see why.  Having the abiltity to double pump means you literally cut your pumping time in half.  If you do want to pump from only one breast that's possible too of course.

Only $298 including delivery NZ wide.

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Pump Carry All Set
The ultimate set for the working mum offers fantastic value for money at only $427 including delivery NZ wide. 

Ameda Manual Breast Pump
If you only need to pump occasionally this pump is perfect.  One handed trigger grip makes it easy to use, silent and YOU control the pumping.  At $49.95 it's very hard to find better value. 


Ameda also offers a range of accessories and you can custom fit your breast sheilds as well.

Check out the range and compare for yourself here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amber Teething Necklace - natural teething remedy

We get lots of queries and feedback from our customers about all sorts of things but one of the products that receives the most comments are our Amber Teething Necklaces.

Amber teething necklaces are a very popular way to soothe the aches and pains associated with teething so everyone sleeps that much better!

Some frequently asked questions:

Do Amber Teething Necklaces really work?

Yes they do.  Less dribble, less grizzle and more sleep!

Who can wear them?
Babies can wear the necklaces from whenever teething starts (around 5-6 months) right up to 5-6 years old and they look adorable on both boys and girls. 

Is there any difference between the colours?
From a therapeutic perspective, there is no difference between the light amber and the dark.  From a fashion perspective, the darker colours are popular for boys while the trends for girls tend towards the lighter tones. 

Can my baby chew on the necklace?
Amber is non-toxic but the necklaces are designed to wear not to chew.  Tuck it under their clothing if they are finding it irrestisible.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SALE - Womama Nursing Bra & Briefs

Womama Nursing Bras $20

Womama Briefs $10

Not much more that can be said about that - ONLY at Belly Beyond!

Go Shopping here

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breeze Baby Sling Review

Check out the fabulous review of the Breeze Baby Sling from Best Buys 4 Baby

This has proven very popular for second time mums and dads that have a toddler as well as a baby.  Baby goes into the Breeze Baby Sling and Mum and Dad siltl have their hands free to help the toddler splash about!

Breeze Baby is available in Black or White at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boys - Earn Brownie Points!

Valentines Day is coming up on 14th February and whether or not you think it's a just another commercial date created to sell stuff we know one thing for sure - you WILL get mega brownie points if you organise a gift!

It's hard to go past 50% off HOTmilk Slip into Seduction Nightie and the stunning Ruffle My Feathers Camisole and brief. 

Can't get to the shops, don't know her size?  Just leave it all to us.  Raid her undie draw and let us know her current size and we'll translate for you.

We deliver and gift wrap too.

Call us on 09 815 6656 or if you are feeling brave log on  yourself to

Monday, January 11, 2010

New bra range by La Leche League keeps abreast of fashion


Media Release - 12 January 2010

When it comes to the 4 F’s, fashion, fit, function and fun, the new line of La Leche League International Nursing Bras by Q-T Intimates has it covered. These innovative nursing bras include the Wrap ‘N Snap™ which adjusts to a woman's ever-changing body size while still being fashionable and functional. Designed for the modern woman’s nursing needs, the range is now available in New Zealand at award-winning online baby boutique

With over 65% of new mothers in New Zealand breastfeeding their infants, Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, founders of Belly Beyond, aim to fill a gap in the market as well as promote the work done by La Leche League in New Zealand.  “We see it as a win-win situation." says Louisa.  "Women will benefit from the comfort and convenience of the latest nursing bra designs from La Leche League International and at the same time we can help raise the profile for the local La Leche League organization, which does such great work in the community.”

A portion of all LLLI licensed products goes to La Leche League International to support their many programs and services worldwide.

Range includes:

Strapless Nursing Bra (with Removable Clear Straps)

Wrap ‘N Snap™ Adjustable Soft Cup Nursing Bra

Pullover Sleep Bra

For more information including print ready images, please contact:

Louisa Currie, Belly Beyond on Ph: (09) 815 6656 or (027) 230 0997 or

For more information on their great work see the website for La Leche League NZ

Which competition?

We need your help! Please vote for which competition option you would like to see next at

WIN:  Vote and leave a comment in this blog or on our Facebook page to be in the chance to win a Smart Mum Teething Bangle!

The Money or the Grab

Who remembers Trolley Grabs?  We used to love watching these on old TV shows.  The hero of the piece would get 2 minutes to run around the store grabbing as much as they could and it almost always ended in the slow motion last second one arm extended dive for the checkout.  Both Heidi and I used to dream about having a shopping spree at the local toy store and we want to bring that excitement back - but with a 2010 spin, by running the 'Grab' online of course!   Now just like in the old TV shows, there's a risk involved.  If you don't get to checkout in time and process your order you lose it all!!!  So, for those that like to play it safe you'll have the chance at either the Grab or a $1000 Belly Beyond voucher.

The Rules:  The amout of time available for the grab will be confirmed prior to launching the competition.  Single items only allowed (eg, you can't buy 20 Ergos - well you can, but you'll only qualify for 1 of each item in your trolley).  We will take the winner out to lunch at Soul Bar.  After lunch you will go the Grab!!  on our laptop and we will have guidelines in place just  in case of technology fails :) )  We'll film the excitement of the Grab for Belly Beyond TV!

Win a Wishlist worth $1000

Create a wishlist at and you will go in the draw to win it! (up to $1000).

Member draw
Be a Belly Beyond member and go into the draw to win a $1000 voucher.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cheeky Hotmilk Sale

An "off the radar" Hotmilk sale is now on our sale page. Save up to 40% off selected styles and yes we ship worldwide!

Babies - 2010

Check out this cool new trailer .

Babies doing what babies do in four very different parts of the globe.

Release date April 2010

Facebook Status Black

Seen all the one colour status updates appearing on Facebook?

Here's the skinny on whats going on (well it's one version!). This is a copy and paste of the message I received.

Some fun is going on.... just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of breast cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before people wonder why all the girls have a color in their status... Haha .

Given it's for breast cancer awareness, a subject very close to my heart, then I'm in. Today its


A HOTmilk Cherry Bomb Chic no less!

Monday, January 4, 2010

School Zones

Something a little off topic today but it's quite a cool tool so thought I would share.

My daughter will be 5 in June so primary school is looming large on the horizon. A friend recently asked me which school I'd enrolled her in. Huh? I have to enrol her? Thanks for the tip!!

I found this nifty tool on a Ministy of Education site where you can look up schools in your "home zone" by typing in your street address.

School Enrolment Zones

At least thats narrowed down the options although I'm a bit disappointed that I can't just rock up to St Cuths and drop her off ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Copy Cat, Dirty Rat?

The internet is designed to share information. Millions of pages of content are available at the click of a mouse and countless links are shared freely via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Many pages encourage sharing via the use of Share Widgets or people just use copy and paste.

When information is so readily available the lines can become blurred about ownership of web content and information. It’s easy to forget that those words belong to someone and in many cases are copyright to the author.

After operating our online business for just over eighteen months we’ve had three separate incidents that we know of, where other websites have “borrowed” either our website copy or images. In one case, the company badly photo-shopped the Belly Beyond packaging out of one of our product shots, so they were certainly aware they were our images (as opposed to the manufacturers).

We know how easy it is to make the mistake. In the very early days of Belly Beyond, a similar error was made in setting up product text on our website. Text was used from a site other than the manufacturers which included personalised sentences being added here and there to the manufacturer’s standard text. In due course, we quite rightly received an email from the author, and then another hours later when further indiscretions were found, requesting their text be removed immediately. We amended the text and telephoned the company straight away to apologise personally.

We’ve since heard of many other companies who have had it happen to them and the majority certainly say it seemed to be out of ignorance rather than anything malevolent. So based on that, here are our recommendations from both sides of the fence.

1. Starting Out

a. Make sure any content and images you source are directly from the manufacturer or distributors themselves or a URL that they provide you. We check with each supplier every time we add a new product that images and content are available for us to use.

b. Take the time to write your own copy or in the least personalise it.

c. Do not use another site’s text or images. They belong to them and apart from possible copyright breaches, it’s just plain rude.

2. What to do if you’ve been copied

a. Take a screenshot. Then you have your own copy of the content in question.

b. Contact the company or person by email. Be professional and request politely but firmly that they remove the content that belongs to you.

c. Give them a reasonable amount of time to reply and rectify. In all the cases we’ve dealt with, the companies in question were apologetic and embarrassed and removed the content straight away and we trust that there won’t be another occasion to contact them.

If the company refuses contact or removal of the content, then get in touch with your lawyer.

At the end of the day you need to put it into perspective. Is it the end of the world that this has happened? If it’s a minor indiscretion then how much time and energy are you going to put into it?

3. What not to do if you’ve been copied:

The company who contacted us about incorrect text on our site has taken a totally different approach. As far as we can tell here is their step-by-step guide and I’m pretty confident they won’t mind us not giving them a credit for their actions in this case:

a. Set up customer accounts under false names on the competitors website
b. Ask for free samples of product
c. Place numerous fake orders, either then ignore the correspondence that follows or send false complaints about the service
d. Send fabricated complaints to joint suppliers
e. Email joint acquaintances about how awful the company is and how undeserving of their success
f. Set up yet more false user accounts and join the competitors Facebook page and spam with mischievous comments and your own website link
g. Use the false names to publish made up reviews about your company

While your first instinct to being copied might be a negative one, remember that just like any other action you take in business, how you choose to deal with the situation will reflect on you and your business as a whole.

Note: if you have been the target of similar tactics, in any industry or to any extent, please get in touch for more info on our support group “Business Against Bullying”. Your correspondence will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Natural Chicken Pox Treatment

We had a visit from the Chicken Pox fairy this Christmas with Master 2 coming out in spots a few days before the big day.

We got off fairly lightly with him and because all the rest of our extended family had already had it we were able to still have a lovely family Christmas.

As is the way of things, Miss 4 duely came out in spots a few days ago and she is far harder hit. We used Pinetarsol for the little man but Miss 4 used his sponge after one wash and we were off to Starship in an ambulance due to an allergic reaction. We can't say for absolute sureness it was the Pinetarsol but given it was the only new thing in the house at the time, we certainly aren't going to take the risk in bathing her in it again.

That left us searching for natural treatments and my lovely friend Caroline suggested an oatmeal bath. It's been absolutely fabulous and of course super cheap to do as well!

Oatmeal Bath for Chicken Pox:

1) Use a knee-high stocking or cut off the foot of a pair of tights
2) Put 3/4 cup of rolled oats into the stocking
3) Tie a knot at the end of the stocking
4) Hold the filled stocking under running water and give it a few squeezes to get all the goodness out.
5) You can leave it in the bath soaking too if you like. The water goes a milky looking and the kids will smell like porridge but it works!

Would love to hear your natural cures in the comments below.


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