Monday, January 11, 2010

Which competition?

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The Money or the Grab

Who remembers Trolley Grabs?  We used to love watching these on old TV shows.  The hero of the piece would get 2 minutes to run around the store grabbing as much as they could and it almost always ended in the slow motion last second one arm extended dive for the checkout.  Both Heidi and I used to dream about having a shopping spree at the local toy store and we want to bring that excitement back - but with a 2010 spin, by running the 'Grab' online of course!   Now just like in the old TV shows, there's a risk involved.  If you don't get to checkout in time and process your order you lose it all!!!  So, for those that like to play it safe you'll have the chance at either the Grab or a $1000 Belly Beyond voucher.

The Rules:  The amout of time available for the grab will be confirmed prior to launching the competition.  Single items only allowed (eg, you can't buy 20 Ergos - well you can, but you'll only qualify for 1 of each item in your trolley).  We will take the winner out to lunch at Soul Bar.  After lunch you will go the Grab!!  on our laptop and we will have guidelines in place just  in case of technology fails :) )  We'll film the excitement of the Grab for Belly Beyond TV!

Win a Wishlist worth $1000

Create a wishlist at and you will go in the draw to win it! (up to $1000).

Member draw
Be a Belly Beyond member and go into the draw to win a $1000 voucher.


tartankiwi said...

sounds like fun to me :-)

Bex Davies said...

wow you girls are insanely generous!
Looks like one mummys year will be made in 2010


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