Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

We are closed for the Christmas holidays from 24th December.  Yes, you can place your order and we will dispatch on our return on the 10th January 2011.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Belly Art Inkless Kits

December's Favourite Gifts
We absolutely love these Baby Inkless Kits, the pictures really don't do them justice, in the flesh they look and feel amazing.
The kits contain no ink, no paint which translate to no mess!  You simply wipe your little one's foot with the non-toxic inkless wipe and then press onto the special paper and voila! - a perfectly formed footprint capturing all the detail of those tiny toes and feet.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Horrific abuse suffered by child found hiding in cupboard

Dita De Boni sums this up this latest case much better than I can in her open letter to the Minister of Social Development and while there is massive failure at CYFs, what about the adults, at least 5, that knew about this abuse for two years and said nothing? 

There is a lot more I could say about this, but none if it would articulate the sense of disbelief and sheer horror that this has happened - again.  To me, the question isn't "why?" but "why does this happen so often?"

The disgusting way in which we beat and kill our children in this country has to be the most appalling issue facing NZ.  Shame on us, shame.

ERGObaby Year in the Life - Christmas Update

The other day I got an email, one of those weekly updates about your baby... and it was the 22 week update!! I couldn't believe it, time feels like it has flown by. He certainly looks and feels like as 5 month old baby tho :-) He is quite a solid baby and so I found myself unpacking the 6-9 month old clothes as he is just squeezing into his clothes now. Nice to see his big brothers baby clothes once again. He is not moving about too much yet, quite content to just 'be'...extremely chilled out wee bubs. He gets a good giggle going when his big brother entertains him- not quite sure what it is about silly faces and monster noises, but he loves it!

Our ERGObaby has been at the Markets!!. I have recently become a WAHM and had a stall at a local craft market a couple of weeks ago. I was so pleased to know I had the ERGO as there was no room for anything at all- only a seat. My hubby brought him to me for a feed and then he just hung out with me as I chatted to the locals. The ERGO sucking pads work a treat... no more slobber on my arms and shoulders & straps now. He made great use of them that day too. He has no teeth yet, but big brother got them at 4 months so I'm expecting them soon- all the signs are there. I had forgotten how much babies dribble - and William especially likes to dribble a lot and blow dribbly raspberries - so those pads are fantastic! You can just throw them in the wash -easy! A must have for your ERGOBaby to keep it clean and dry.
I have been trying the side carry but need a bit practice adjusting it - But what a great way to carry your baby, he can see more of his world around him as well. I have another market this weekend - I couldn't do it with out the ERGO to have him with me.

I also cant believe it's next WEEK!! Its going to be great! All my Hubbies side is going to be here, traveling from Holland, Australia and Wellington. Big family reunion -8 Adults and 9 Kiddies (including William and his new Cousin born just before him!) So it will be great for everyone to meet the new babies and for the cousins to catch up. We'll be out and about for sure- hopefully a few days at the beach or the school pool. I'm sure my Sister in Law will love trying it out for her new baby too!

Sunday, December 12, 2010 Calendar 2011

Buy now at Belly Beyond for $19.95, with $5 donated to Mothers Matter

Put together by a dedicated team, this amazing calendar is the brain child of business women and mum, Rebekah Lipp, definitely one of life's "good guys".  

The calendar is all about celebrating mothers and all they do for their families and communities.  Day in and day out, with no annual leave or sick leave a mother's job is never done.  No matter what stresses  they are under they have to keep going.  I wanted to do something that let mothers know that they are doing a WONDERFUL job and to say THANK YOU! 
The sacrifices we make as mothers are HUGE! We often focus on the needs of our children whom we love unconditionally and forget that we have needs also. We are women first, we need to see the beauty we may have forgotten, to remember we are gorgeous and amazing!
Twelve lucky mothers were recently selected in a competition with over 500 entries coming from throughout New Zealand.  The winners not only won an amazing prize pack of goodies donated by some amazing companies valued at over $1500 each but they each will take part in a photoshoot and become this years stars in the SLB calendar.  

Sassy, funny and just a little sexy, the photos are tongue in cheek tribute to motherhood and the many roles that mums take on and the myriad of duties they juggle on any given day.

This calendar is available to purchase for $19.95 with $5 from the sale of each calendar being donated to Mothers Matter. 

Check out more about Rebekah and the team behind Sacrifice.Love.Beauty and watch the Behind the Scenes video

Mothers Matter is a charity organisation which aims to improve awareness and understanding of postnatal depression (PND) and related mental illnesses in pregnancy and after childbirth. Visit their website for more information

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thumbs Up - Cosmo Pregnancy

When the image of a baby bottle is still used so widely as the universal sign for baby, it's refreshing to see Cosmopolitan Magazine taking this approach and using a breast feeding image on the cover to represent their 'Feeding' section.

And while we applaud them for this, we note that an image on a magazine cover does not a breast feeding culture make, but baby steps and all that.   Check out what a true breast feeding culture looks like when you see the caption for  this image from the La Leche League NZ Facebook page.  See the caption    Classic!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kevin Bacon Ad

We do love people who can laugh at themselves.  Nice one Kevin!

HOTmilk Inner Beauty Model Search

Having just finished up the biggest HOTmilk sale of the year we know there are a whole lot of you now enjoying the delights of HOTmilk Lingerie and sleep wear.

I mention this, because HOTmilk have launched a model search with a difference - NO PHOTO REQUIRED!!!

Just purchase any HOTmilk product in December 2010 or January 2011 and answer three simple questions and you are in to win from a prize pool of $6500!!

You can buy your HOTMilk at Belly Beyond of course, and enter the draw at the HOTmilk website

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

nzgirl - Breasts gone wild

Heidi and I have uploaded an image to the 'Lovely Pair' campaign on where women are encouraged to 'get your boobs out for a good cause' - for every 50 sets of breasts uploaded nzgirl will give $1000 to breast cancer research.

Detractors say that this is a cynical way to bring traffic to the nzgirl site.   Well it is a marketing campaign so yes that was probably the point and it's certainly had a massive impact on traffic.  Detractors also say it sexy-fies breast cancer, degrades women and puts pressure on them to look a certain way.  I disagree.

I do agree that young girls and women face incredible pressure to look a certain way, but not because of this inventive initiative by nzgirl.  I believe this pressure comes from the media all around them - magazines, music videos, TV are all dedicated to images of 'perfect' and often enhanced, breasts.

For New Zealand women to see the hundreds of pairs of breasts that are being uploaded by ordinary women just like them is fantastic.  I loved seeing the different shapes and sizes of breast and of nipples - every one unique - just like the women who posted them.  The photos uploaded by women that show the scars of surviving their cancer battle are powerful and moving.  I wonder if there is some small liberation in having a platform to show the world?

Some of these images have unfortunately and perhaps inevitably ended up on porn sites.  The women uploading their images live in a digital world.  They understand the risks and are aware of the possibility of any image of them posted on the web, appearing later in an undesirable place.   For us, our image is not pornographic (nor do we believe are the others appearing on nzgirl) and will be quickly dismissed and bypassed by anyone seeking such.

The great pink-wash debate is also raised in a campaign like this.  "No one talks about the deaths from colon cancer" they cry.  Again I tend to agree.   But I can live with pink-wash and see it for what it is.  It's like the puppies at the pound, the ugly one will still be left at the end of the day.  Breast cancer is the cute fluffy puppy that will always be picked by companies looking to give something back to a charity organisations.

The question for me, is should it have been done in the name of breast cancer?  Would it have been better to simply say "get them out and be proud of them" and simply make the charity donation anyway?  Possibly.

At the end of the day they are just breasts - functional, beautiful, breasts and while the campaign might have it's flaws, the nzgirl team have their heart in the right place and they are getting off their backsides and doing something that appeals to and educates their demographic.  And that's why we included our image.

Footnote:  My mother is a breast cancer survivor so I will always be motivated to raise money for breast cancer research wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The OHbaby! Awards

 The OHbaby! Awards launch today and we've had the great news that Belly Beyond is a Nominee in the Best Online Retailer Category.

And after a quick tally of the product categories it looks like we've got a massive 33 products, spread over 15 categories, that are up for nominations - a really nice endorsement of our carefully selected, and ever-growing, product range.

Best Online Retailer

It's a fantastic line up of some really awesome companies in our category, but if we happen to be your favourite and have done something that deserves it, then we'd really appreciate your vote so please take a moment to vote Belly Beyond!

You can answer all the questions or just skip through to 7 for our question if you are in hurry.

Our Product Nominations
  • Best Baby Sling / Wrap / Carrier
    • Baby Bjorn Spirit Carrier
    • Unido Baby Sling
    • Popit Wrap
    • Dulce & Zoet Baby Sling
    • Breeze Baby Sling
    • Ergo Baby Carrier
  • Best Baby Skincare Lotion
    • Made4Baby All Over Baby Lotion
  • Best Nappy Balm 
    • Made4Baby Botty Barrier Cream
    • or vote other with organic Suvana PawPaw Balm
  • Best Bathtime product
    • Made4Baby Foaming Hair & Body Wash  
  • Best baby wrap / swaddle
    • Baby Caterpillar Fitted Merino Wrap
    • Miracle Blanket
    • Aden &; Anais Muslin Wrap
  • Best baby / toddler sleep sack
    • Baby Caterpillar Sleeping Bag
    • Sweet Cheeks Merino Sleeping Bag
  • Best Moses basket/bassinet/hammock
    • Natures Sway Baby Hammock
    • Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet
  • Best cot brand
    • Cariboo
  • Best safety product 
    • Safe T Sleep
  • Best Baby Bag Brand
    • Oi Oi
    • Isoki
    • Skip hop
    • Gr8x
    • Baby mel
  • Best solids feeding product
    • Boon Snack Ball
  • Best breast pump 
    • Medela Swing
    • Ameda Purely Yours
  • Best stretchmark product
    • Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch
  • Best maternity clothing range
    • Womama
  • Best nursing bra range 
    • HOTmilk
    • Womama
    • Cake Lingerie
    • or vote Other, La Leche League
PHEW!  And to clarify, this isn't the full list of all nominees.  This is just the list of all the OHbaby! Award Nominated products that are available at

    About The OHbaby! Awards
    The OHbaby! Awards are a prestigious new award acknowledging and celebrating the best products and services in the New Zealand pregnancy and parenting industry.  These awards acknowledge and reward best loved products by New Zealanders. For new parents who have to make important purchasing decisions and there is a lot in the market and a lot to decide about. Seeing the OHbaby! awards gold and silver logos on products and services in the New Zealand market gives them the comfort of knowing that mothers and fathers that have gone before them and used these products have experienced, recommended and loved these products and services.

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Cyber Monday Sale - what's in store for bargain hunters?

    Woweeee!  Just doing the final set up for our 4 day Cyber Monday Sale which kicks off tomorrow.

    Here are just some of the bargains on offer:

    Baby Carriers
    • ERGObaby Carrriers from $165 
    • ERGObaby Performance Carriers only $199 (save $60!!!)
    • ERGObaby  Heart to Heart Infant inserts, only $39
     Maternity Underwear & Sleepwear
    • HOTmilk Ever After Collection - all 40% off
    • HOTmilk sleepwear - up to a massive 80% off
     Nappy Bags
    • $50 off selected Skip*Hop Bags
    • gr8x nappy bag specials

    • all Noo 5 piece sets only $34.95 (usually $49.95). 

    • Soft toys from French brand Pooki & Co, from only $7 each!  Perfect stocking stuffers.

    Travel High Chairs
    • Little Beetle Travel Chairs only $15, or get 2 for $25 - that's a saving of $55!
    • Snazzy Baby Chairs - 30% off, awesome buying on this award-winning product.

    Maternity Pillow
    • Inspired Living Maternity Pillow will be $67.96 - crazy price.
    And that's just a hint of the sale range, check it out tomorrow morning on Belly Beyond
    Make sure you are on our mailing list because you will be notified FIRST of when the sale goes live.

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Cyber Monday hits New Zealand

    The overseas shopping phenomenon is hitting New Zealand next Monday 29th November when Belly Beyond, introduce Cyber Monday to online shoppers here.

    Make sure you are a Belly Beyond member as our Cyber Monday newsletter will signal when the sale is live so you can be among the first to get to checkout and will ensure you don't miss out on the "once-a-year" deals!  Sign up here

    For those of you who have experienced a Belly Beyond sale before, you'll know that when we have a sale, we REALLY have a sale - the biggest complaint we get is that people have missed out on the deals because they go so fast (true story). 

    More info coming soon... but in the meantime, save the date.

    29th November 2010 


    What is Cyber Monday?
    Basically it's one  of the busiest online shopping days of the year overseas with retailers offering mad deals and pre-Christmas offers.  Last year a reported US$887 million was spent by consumers online during Cyber Monday, it's definitely a tradition that shoppers overseas have embraced and know is worth waiting for each year.

    Why Cyber Monday?
    Legend has it that the idea came about with online retailers taking the best parts of traditional holiday shopping (the amazing deals and bargains) but without the worst of holiday shopping (trying to find a park, fighting the crowds, waiting in queues).

    Cyber Monday New Zealand
    The Belly Beyond Cyber Monday Sale will replace our Boxing Day Sale this year.  So the best way to describe the upcoming Cyber Monday Sale is just like our mad Boxing Day Sale, only at the end of November - you know us, always doing things a bit differently. 

    ERGObaby Year in the Life - 4 months old

    Feels like it's been ages since I blogged - probably has!

    I can't believe my wee baby is now 4 months old. I sooo wanted to hold onto that itty bitty baby stage, but alas my newborn is now chunky and super heavy baby! He is absolutely gorgeous and the apple of my eye. He is super cuddly and giggles and grins like no other.

    He still continues to love his ErgoBaby, altho he really doesn't fit in the Heart2Heart insert anymore. :-(
    Sometimes he grizzles when I put him in it, but within a minute he is happy. I still use the Heart2Heart insert if we are going out in the wind and I want some more buffering and wind protection. But he has to have his legs out the side - which is new for me! I liked it when he was tucked away, but now its fun to hold onto his legs and tickle his feet! So many people comment on it and love the design of how baby sits in there, rather than hangs out! I am always quick to mention how fantastic it really is and how it supports baby from Newborn! I cant sing its praises enough!

    For my Son's 4th birthday we all packed up and went on the Weka Pass Railway for an adventure. My sister came along with her 5mth old daughter ( dragging her pram behind her) and her Son is a few months older than my 4 year old- so it was a great time with 5 kiddies and 3 Mamas ( Grandma included there too!) I had not been on the Weka Pass train, so didnt know what to expect at any stage of the journey. There were beautiful old carriages and a lovely black steam engine. Funnily enough the carriages were the same as the ones my sister and I used to catch the train to school in - way back in the 1980's! So it was fun being able to choose our red leather seats and flipping them back and forth to get the best view. The kids loved the ride and having William in the Ergo was great. So easy, hands free, no fuss. I sat him on the insert cushion so he was a bit higher up - perfect for snuggling and kissing his wee head. I fed him while we were on the journey and then he slept the rest of the way. When we arrived at the end of the line, we had a birthday picnic lunch. My sister had her pram but it was such a nuisance as it had to be stowed away in a separate area and in the end she never used it! Once again,I was so thankful for our Ergo and how easy and portable it really is!

    This past month has really flown by, so much happening with School and Kindy, a new phase of our life as parents. William is growing so fast, its lovely to hear his chatter and laughing. He is so easy too - like most 3rd babies I hear! He is happy where ever we go and just slots in. The Earthquakes have still been happening- in the weekend we had 2 more big ones... a 4.7 and a 4.9 - I really dont like them and they still make my heart race.

    My daughter turned 6 on Guy Fawkes day - she loves it that every year on her birthday she gets fireworks! This year it was a bit miserable and we had planned to go to a display at her school but it was raining and postponed till December. And because of the rain the New Brighton Pier display was rescheduled for the next day. Thankfully it was fine so we decide to take the kids to that! At about 8.30pm ( an hour past bedtime) we set off for the beach. Of course... the Ergo was the only choice for bubs. For 3 reasons, 1/ We would be trekking across sand dunes, 2/ It was really,really cold and I wanted him cosy, 3/ I wanted him extra close because of all the noise and bangs from the fireworks.

    So perfect really! He had his legs out and so I wrapped a blanket over the outside of the Ergo and tired to keep his little legs warm. He didn't make a peep and fell asleep despite the massive booms as the Fireworks exploded off the Pier. Nearly forgot a photo of me as I was so busy taking photos of the magnificent display.

    I'm really looking forward to some great warm weather - I'll have to brave the sun with my white arms andlegs - but what a great excuse to go out for some walks on the beach with William in the Ergo! I'm sure he will love the fresh air and view as well.

    :-) Gill

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Merino Blankets by Lou & Olly

    These stunning merino blankets are the type that will become an heirloom item in your family.

    Lou & Olly are beautifully made, NZ merino baby blankets, and are on the top of our shopping list when people say they want something special AND practical for the new arrival.

    It's a great gift choice for Grand Parents in particular too because the neutral tones will go with any decor and there is also available in 100% Eco-dyed cotton.

    Proudly made in NZ, from the softest of NZ merino.

    Lou & Olly - String
    Lou & Olly - Blush
    Lou & Olly - Grey Marle

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    A love story - Jack & Joan 70 years

    Heidi's grand parents, Jack and Joan, recently renewed their vows after 70 years together.

    The NZ Women's Weekly was there for the occasion and their story appears in this weeks issue.

    I challenge you to read about this beautiful love story and NOT feel your heart warm and eyes prickle with tears.
    It's a bit of fun too, playing "where's Heidi?' in the family shot below right - get the magnifiying glass out!

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Magic Beans - Find the Bean Competition

    Magic Beans are turning two and to celebrate they are running a Find the Bean competition.

    Have fun!

    Baby Carrier Reviews

    Two reviews received in as many days from happy customers who have purchased from our varied baby carrier range.

    Unido Baby Sling

    I rec'd my Unido sling today and have used it twice already.....I can tell it is going to be brilliant and just what I was looking for.

    The fabric feels great and it looks and feels like excellent quality, so I am very happy with it.

    Thank you!!

    Popit Wrap

    I absolutely love my popit wrap! :-) It's so comfortable to wear & my son loves the snuggle time when he's in it & he loves that he can see out when he's in it. I find it fantastic for support as I have a spinal curve & I tried a few baby carriers before I purchased the popit wrap which didn't offer anywhere near the back support I need which the popit offers :-)

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Free Trilogy Rosehip Oil - Womama Birthing Wrap Offer

    Womama are celebrating their new arrival with a fantastic offer.  Right now you will receive a redemption form for a FREE Trilogy Rosekip oil with every Womama Birthing Wrap purchased at Belly Beyond.  *does not include the SALE birthing wraps sorry

    So what is the new arrival?

    It's the Ocean Blue colour Birthing Wrap and judging by sales so far it's going to be even more popular than the Black Birthing Wrap, which Womama have made famous world wide.

    Skin to Skin

    The Midwife approved wrap style promotes skin to skin contact with your newborn baby


    Enjoy personal comfort in your own labour and birthing dress for this amazing day of your life


    You can cover up when you want to be and keep mobile through labour while allowing for easy foetal monitoring if need be.


    Made from certified organic cotton, perfect for labour when your skin can be hyper sensitive and the ideal fabric for next to newborn skin.

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    HOTmilk new arrival

    The new style from HOTmilk has arrived and is available to purchase now and all pre-orders have been dispatched.

    This style is called She was Seemingly Unaware or SW to those of us who can't type fast and is the same style as the very popular Awakened By Her Desire, only in the striking black and lilac tones.

    The size range of this style is 10B-20H.  So how can the same style bra work for such differing size ranges?  Well the clever team at HOTmilk know that with larger breasts you'll need more support so the strap sizes are sized according to cup size with the larger cup styles having a wider strap.

    Here's a photo that shows the differing sizes.  Clever huh?

    Parent & Child Show Report

    What a spectacular weekend we had at the Parent & Child Show.  So much fun to meet everyone and also to have a chance to catch up with our suppliers and really lovely to get to meet the people behind our fellow online sites - there's a definite sisterhood because we all know the challenges we face as mums and as business women!  So a big shout out to Kate from Naked Baby, Bex from Daisy Baby, Louise from Scamps, Sarah and Katrina from Things for Baby - how late were you up on the Sunday night answering emails?   ;)

    What we'll remember:
    •  Meeting Tracey from Cake Lingerie.  Tracey is the creator of the brand, such a sweetie, and boy does she know her boobs (how to fit them into the right size bra I mean!).  There were long queues at times to get into the changing room and get professionally fitted by the expert and every woman who tried on Cake, bought it.
    • Hearing about a cockroach scuttling over to check out our stand close-up when Heidi and I were both on a walk-around. 
    The most memorable part of the show had to be the Belly Beyond Cake Lingerie Real Mums Fashion Show on the Main Stage on Saturday.  A huge thank you to our model mums, AJ, Jasmene, Alisha, Mandy and Sarah, who totally blew the crowd away with their gorgeous stage presence and confidence.  Takes courage to be on stage in your underwear, no matter how beautiful it may be, and to do so after having a baby and while pregnant is simply amazing - you absolutely rock!!

    So without further ado, go and check out the Belly Beyond Cake Lingerie Real Mums at the Auckland Parent and Child Show photos on our Facebook page.

    And for my lovely mother who won't join the rest of the world and join Facebook, here are the shots of her favourite granddaughter on stage demonstrating with aplomb, the SKIP*HOP Zoo Back Pack

      Monday, October 25, 2010

      Proud of Your Curves - Last Minute Call Out

       Last minute call out for Pregnant Mums and Mums-to-Be for our Real Mums Showcase this Saturday at the Auckland Parent & Child Show.

      One of the mums who was to be part of the show, took the name Labour Weekend a little too seriously and welcomed her little one into the world!

      Huge congratulations to Sally but this means we need another pregnant bump (or two) for the showcase.

      So are you proud of your curves and not afraid to show them off?

      What do you have to do?

      We are looking for mums-to-be to be part of our catwalk showcase of Maternity Lingerie and Sleepwear to be held on Saturday 30th October at the Auckland Parent & Child Show at the Auckland Showgrounds in Greenlane.

      You do not have to have catwalk modeling experience, this is about attitude, energy and a celebration of REAL women.

      What do you get?
      • A stunning set of Cake Lingerie is yours to keep, RRP $100
      • Two free passes into the show for you and a friend
      • Free delivery on all your orders from the Belly Beyond site FOREVER!
      Please email us with your bra and brief size and attach a current bikini or togs photo and send through to Louisa on

      Finders Fee:  Not Pregnant but know someone who is who'd be perfect for this?

      If you recommend someone to apply and they appear in the show on Saturday, you'll receive a $50 Belly Beyond Voucher!  *voucher goes to the first person who made the referral

      Terms and conditions:
      1. If chosen, you will be responsible for getting to and from the show. 
      2. Associated payment for models chosen for this promo will be in the form of a Maternity Lingerie set valued at $100 each.  (Not bad for 5 minutes work as well as 2 free passes to the show)
      3. The final choice of models will be at the discretion of Belly Beyond.

      Sunday, October 24, 2010

      Auckland Parent & Child Show - 29th-31st October

      It's this weekend and we can't wait to meet you all and show you what's been happening on the Belly Beyond site.

      So what have we got to tempt you to visit us this year at the Auckland Parent & Child Show? 
      • Come and receive specialised bra fitting advice for your shape, by the ultimate expert!  Tracey Montford, creator of Cake Lingerie, will be on the Belly Beyond stand exclusively for the show (and don’t forget to check out the Real Mums Lingerie Showcase on the Main Stage).  
      • DEALS:  we'll have an amazing show special on Cake Lingerie, plus crazy ERGObaby deals, big discounts on SKIP*HOP nappy bags and goodies, we'll have gorgeous nursing camisoles for under $20 and lots more!   
      ·         Need another reason?  Get DOUBLE entry into our $1000 Win a Wishlist Competition

      •              PLUS:  visit on Saturday and get your photo taken in the Belly Beyond Photo booth with your friends.
      Belly Beyond Stand 414

      We are literally at the centre of the action (check out the map below)  ;)
      Show Details:

      Friday 29th Oct to Sunday 31st October 
      Greenlane Show Grounds

      Love RED Magazine

      If you see a copy of the new Westpac Magazine, Love RED open it to page 7 and 8 and there's a article on Heidi and I and how we got Belly Beyond started.

      It's the one with this guy on it:

      Westpac has been a fantastic help to us since we started Belly Beyond two and a half years ago and with large expansion in the wings for us , it's great to know they are on board and on our side for growth and finance.

      Here's an e-copy of the article.

      Bra Fitting Video

      Great video from the wonderful folks at Cake Lingerie which shows easy steps on how to ensure your bra fits the way it should.

      This video includes really helpful information on how a maternity bra should fit and the symptoms of an ill-fitting bra.

      It also answers that all important question:  When should I buy maternity and nursing bras?

      Saturday, October 23, 2010

      Keeps the Covers On!

      Cosy Grips are a new product at Belly Beyond which solves the problem of your little ones kicking off their duvet!

      Transitioning from a Sleeping Bag

      We've found that if babies are used to sleeping in a sleeping bag that adjusting to blankets and being able to kick them off or move on top of them, it's a challenge to keep the blankets on them and keep them warm all night.  Having a Cosy Grip on the bed is a fantastic way to assist them make the transition smoothly.

      It's a simple but ingenious little device made up to two clips with secure tongue like rubbers and joined by industrial elastic.  Just slide the strap under your mattress and fasten the fabric-friendly clips to the cover on either side of your bed.
      And for those busy Mums and Dads, as well as kids sleeping through because they no longer wake cold having kicked the blankets off, it's also a breeze to make the bed! 

      I use a set on Master 2's bed and here is his bed, left just as he hopped out of it this morning.  You can see  what I mean about how easy bed making would be, just lift up the very top bit and it's done.

      And before you say "well the duvet would be kept in place on this bed anyway" sadly I can attest that is not the case.  Before finding Cosy Grips we had many many nights of wake ups due to waking cold because the blankets were kicked off.  I reckon at $19.95 Cosy Grips are a brilliant investment.

      Problem solved!

      Thursday, October 21, 2010

      Belly Beyond collect a Top Shop Award!

      Full blog to follow (maybe), but here's the photo strip from the Photo Booth at the Top Shop Retail Excellence Awards where we were 1st Runner Up in the Online Retailer category!!  A memorable Belly Beyond moment rocking up the red carpet to collect the award and a great night out with my best friend.


      What is particularly satisfying about this award is that we've been recognised as one of the best online stores around, for simply doing our job - which we see as ensuring we have excellent customer service and fast dispatch and delivery.  A big thanks to Stacey our logistics queen, who among many other talents, turns those parcels round faster than you can say "would you like undies with that?"

      The other aspect of this that we love, is that the little guy can do well against the big corporates - also in our category were the likes of Glassons and Overland so yay for us!

      Tuesday, October 19, 2010

      Win - Capceco pack from Belly Beyond on

      We've teamed up with the fabulous crew at and are giving away a Capceco Birth to Earth Placenta Kit.

      I think lots of women would like to do something with their placenta but find it too hippy, too icky or maybe just too hard and end up leaving it at the hospital to be incinerated.

      The placenta is an amazing organ, it's the only one your body grows then discards and it's specific purpose is to nourish and protect the baby.

      The Birth to Earth Placenta Capsule is designed for your lead maternity carer to put the placenta straight into it after birth and you can plant it right away (within 24 hours) or put it in the freezer.

      Birth to Earth have taken every step possible to design a kit that is as eco friendly as possible, using natural resources for production and this pack is totally biodegradable.  It includes:

      Corn Starch Bags
      100% Recycled Cardboard Capsule
      Convenient Carry Bag
      "Your Tree" Child's Keepsake Record Book

      The pack means the placenta is well identified and will not be mistakenly defrosted by unsuspecting husbands!!

      It's $39.95 to purchase or try your luck on the Baby Bites site here

      Belly Beyond Real Mums in the NZ Herald again

      Did you see the Belly Beyond Real Mums in the NZ Herald this week?

      The photograph has been cropped but there is no mistaking the Cake Lingerie and those gorgeous bumps! 

      You can check out the rest of the shots from our now world-famous shoot in Belly Beyond Real Mums section here

      The article centres on the concern at the rising rate of C-Sections in New Zealand.  Having been through the factory that is National Womens at the Auckland City Hospital, it's no surprise to me to see the rate there is an astounding 31.7%!   I got the distinct impression getting mothers in and out of the wards seemed to be the target and lets face it, a c-section is a truck load faster than natural birth.

      It's curious to mention though that the term 'elective' does give the impression that mums are "too posh to push" and if you check out the replies on our Facebook page, mums don't often choose the c-section path, they follow the advice of specialists and health professionals that inform them the safest route is a c-section - hardly 'elective', and not a path chosen lightly.

      There are few women who have the courage of their knowledge of birth and it's natural process who will fly in the face of a medical 'expert' and insist on a natural birth - why would you?

      Why do you think the c-section rate is climbing both here and overseas? 


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