Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Parents Lives Easier

We talk a lot about our vision for Belly Beyond, what we want to achieve and what we need to do to get there.

One of our goals, is to make parents lives just that little bit easier by creating a shopping space that's easy to use with outstanding customer service and fast delivery.

We don't always get it absolutely perfect but we certainly try and as a result we get some pretty special feedback from our customers including this one received last night.

"Wow, thanks heaps for your super quick reply. I wasn't expecting a 24/7 service. 


I will sleep easier tonight.:) "

And this is just one of the many we receive on an almost daily basis.  Makes me very proud to see stuff like that and know that we've achieved our goal here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cake Lingerie Search for 'Real' New Zealand Mums

Have you ever dreamed about being the face of an international brand?  Are you proud of your beautiful curves of pregnancy and motherhood?  Then this is for YOU!

Cake Lingerie, in association with Belly Beyond, are searching New Zealand for 3 pregnant and breast feeding mothers to become the faces of their promotional photo shoot for their latest collection ‘Let Them Eat Cake’.

Our criteria is simple -  real women that are pregnant or nursing, in all different shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicity.

Prize Package Includes:

Three lucky women will be chosen to help launch Cake Lingerie's latest collection of stunning maternity lingerie and sleep wear.

You'll receive professional hair and make up and feature in a 'real' fun and bubbly promotional photoshoot celebrating motherhood.

Plus each winner will also receive over $300 worth of Cake Lingerie from Belly Beyond!

For more info and to download the entry form click hereEntries close 30 April 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cake Lingerie - Benefits and features of maternity bras

Cake Lingerie is a stunning range of maternity lingerie.  Although the images are gorgeous they actually simply do not to justice to the range when you see it in person. 

But Cake Lingerie is not just about being a pretty face!  It's designed to fit, be comfortable and make mums and mums-to-be feel specialHere are just a few of the features you can expect from a Cake Lingerie maternity bra.

Cake Lingerie Key Features

Comfort and fit

  • Nickel free rings, eyes, hooks and sliders to avoid skin irritation and allergies
  • Cutting edge cup technology for maximum support
  • Extra hooks to accommodation expanding rib cage
  • Internalised seams for comfort and to avoid irritation to sensitive breast tissue
  • Soft 100% cotton lining 
  • Powermesh back band for durability
  • Excellent support without underwire (underwire bras can cause blocked ducts and lead to mastisis)
  • Easy drop down clips for discreet feeding 

  • Soft luxurious fabrics 
  • Delicately refined cup coverage means versitility in outerwear
  • Lower centre front for more flattering appearance
  • Decorative features that don't compromise function
The 'Let Them Eat Cake' collection is available online at Belly Beyond - *the* place to buy maternity lingerie online.

And watch this space for an announcement in the coming days - it's going to be spectacular!!

A postively MumPreneur Fest in the Herald today!

So proud to open the NZ Herald supplement today and see so many familiar faces and products.

Check out the HUGE shot of Jess and Loralei (Lolly) from Slingbabies rocking the Pollen Sunrise sling from Unido.  Well done Sarah and Shelley from Unido, you must be absolutely stoked!

On the next page is a rave review about Made4Baby products and then Ute from Mumcho rounds out the bunch! 

So proud of all press, really well deserved and have to say well done NZ Herald for choosing to feature so many "little guys".

Belly Beyond is very happy to be stockists of all three brands!

Unido Baby Slings


Mumcho Pregnancy and breastfeeding tops

Friday, March 26, 2010

Giselle Bundchen has an ERGO Baby!

Giselle Bundchen was spotted out and about this week carrying baby Benjamin in an Organic Navy ERGO Baby carrier.

See the pics

Nice choice!  A don't want to be picky, but I really think she needs an infant insert - a Heart2Heart would be the perfect gift ;)  And doing up the back strap would be a much better look too!

We think the ERGObaby is the most versatile carrier on the market - front, side and back carry all in the same carrier and suitable for use from newborn to 3 years and beyond.  We are NZ's number one ERGOBaby retailer and have the biggest range in the country (including the super chic Navy)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Slings - Safety Rules

As expected the US Consumer watch dog, CPSC, issued a warning recently on the possible dangers of soft baby slings.

We support all efforts to ensure baby wearing is done in a safe way and endorse the reason for the warning - which is of course to save babies lives.

It is important to point out that the sling type that features predominantly is a bag type sling

As a result Infantino have recalled over one million Slingrider slings, which can be seen in the shot above and we predict more recalls of bag-type slings will follow. 

We realise consumers will be nervous and unsure about baby sling safety.  We want to assure our customers that all the baby carriers and slings on Belly Beyond are safe and are NOT involved in this recall.

Here are some important safety rules around baby slings and carriers.

Top 3 Baby Sling Safety Rules
  1. Ensure you can always see your babies face
  2. Ensure that their airways are clear 
  3. Make sure they are not in a curled position with their chin on their chest
We are long standing supporters of babywearing, have worn our own babies since newborn and know the positive difference it can have in parents lives.  We encourage any one who wants to know more about slings, wraps or other soft baby carriers such as the ERGObaby, to check out the information on the Belly Beyond site, there are fantastic recources available on the Babywearing Safety Facebook page and also at the NZ site Slingbabies

Slingbabies also has a Facebook page here

Cute of the Day

The Belly Beyond kids are fairly used to entertaining themselves.

Miss 4 was just at the kitchen sink filling up a bubble machine.  When  she went to move it outside, water poured out of it onto the floor.

I tossed her a towel and said "that's ok, just use the towel".  A few minutes later I see her carrying said bubble machine again and she has solved the leaking problem by ....

wrapping it in the towel of course.

Well I did say use the towel!!!

Kitchen floor remains wet but we did have a giggle.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week - Photo Competition

The World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action has announced a WORLDWIDE photo competition in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week.

What an awesome opportunity to highlight breast feeding in this part of the world.

Come on girls, down load the entry form here and get those cameras snapping!

Entries need to be in by 15th April 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chase the Chick

I'm just having a lot of fun setting up for our latest competition.  It is always a great pleasure to introduce new Facebook features or a new way to use the site that's not been seen before.

Now where are those pesky chicks hiding!!  Got to be in to win, check it out on our competition page

Bloke of the Day Award

6pm.  The spewing starts - poor little Master 2 is not a happy camper.

Four outfit changes and showers later (for both of us) spewing settles down to once an hour until last spew at 4am.  

I have to go out to work meeting at 8am.  I get home three hours later and Mr Belly Beyond has not only washed everything, he's dried it and put it back on the beds or in the cupboards.  Then he makes me lunch.  

This isn't anything out of the ordinary either but please can I nominate him for Bloke of the Day?   

p.s.  Master 2 is bright as a button and no worse for wear!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Latest Media

Have updated our media page with multiple mentions from the latest two Littlies magazine.  I have a bit of a backlog of other mentions to get up on the page and am doing it in stages!

Cake Lingerie - Let them eat cake Collection coming soon!

Here's a sneak peak at the stunning new collection from Cake Lingerie coming soon.

It's only available at Belly Beyond - the place to shop for maternity lingerie online.

YUMMY indeed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Babywearing Mirror - Ideal for Ergo Baby Carriers

As if the internet needs another photo of me!! But I promise it's for a good reason - the original image showed a *cough cough* rigid type backpack in use and that would never do on an Ergo site!

More info

Premature Baby Clothing - Sleep Nightie in NZ Merino

Things that make you go awwwww, new Sweet Dreams range of merino nighties now in stock.
See the Belly Beyond TV episode below

Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberate the Dress Special Offer just for Belly Beyond-ers

Love the Liberate the Dress shots and reckon you could totally rock your frock?  

Mistral Photography have put together an unbelieveable package just for Belly Beyond Facebook fans.  For the ridiculously low price of $123.75 you get a full Liberate the Dress shoot as well as a disc of all the images so you can share them with your friends via email or on Facebook.  

And forget the cheap-and-not-so-cheerful online print places, if you've spent the time getting gorgeous photos, then print them professionally from just $8! 

Mistral Photography Liberate the Dress:  The Offer

The session fee has been smashed:  Usually over $250 NOW under HALF PRICE at only $123.75


• 2 hour shoot in Auckland, using as many locations as time allows (usually three within close proximity) for one person.

• Full set low resolution files on disc for you to use on Facebook or to email
(please note:  these files are too small for printing)

• An online password protected photo gallery for two weeks

The optional add-ons:

• Professional Lab Prints, 5"x 7" = $8.00 ea, 8" x 12" = $20.00 ea

A full set of high resolution files for personal use $295.00 + gst

What else you need to know:
  • This offer needs to be booked by Sunday 28th of March.  First available session will be early May.
  • Nykie is an Auckland based photographer.  
  • Joining the Belly Beyond and Mistral Facebook pages is not compulsory for this offer, but it sure would be appreciated.

  • Grab a friend who's keen and do it together!  At under $125 each it's never been more affordable and imagine the fun you could have.
  •  Can't fit your wedding dress? Sold it? Just don't like it anymore?  There are no rules when it comes to these shoots - just use another dress!  Be imaginitive, have some fun - take a few changes of clothes and mix it up.  
Book Now
These prices are crazy and there are limited spaces available so book and pay now to reserve your date by calling Nykie @ Mistral Photography on 09 418 5551 or emailing

SORRY THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED but check with Nykie on other options :)

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Liberate the Dress - Rock the Frock - TTD - Fearless Bridal

    I saw "Trash the Dress" shoots on overseas websites a while back and thought what a cool thing to do!  The second thing I thought was "will I fit the dress all these years later?" and proceeded to go and dig it out of the back of my wardrobe to try on.  (yes was in the answer, in fact thanks to breastfeeding I actually needed to have it taken in!)

    So the whole deal with this concept is that brides get the chance to give their dress another outing in an untraditional way and really get creative without worrying about how dirty it's going to get!

    It wasn't something I considered again until a chance encounter with one of the lovely mumpreneurs I've met online.  Nykie from Mistral Photography mentioned she was looking to launch her "Liberate the Dress" brand - her twist on the Trash the Dress and I hounded her until she gave me a spot! ;)

    We met at North Head on a typically dodgy Auckland afternoon, you know the sort, four seasons in 20 minutes, but the weather managed to hold out while we got a few family snaps and practice run with me being completely uncoordinated and feeling suddenly sympathetic at the wee waifs who claim "it's so hard!" on Americas Next Top Model.

    The family then headed home and Nykie and I got on with the fun of the Liberate the Dress shoot.  We found a few spots out of the howling wind and as a picture says a thousand words, I'll skip straight to a couple of my real faves.

    At our third location the light just completely disappeared, as if someone flicked a switch, but we were able to get a few shots in the water.  It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, it was colder, and I'm thinking the Cheltenham residents probably didn't appreciate the car-side strip down to get some warm clothes on!

    Thanks so much to Nykie at Mistral Photography for an awesome experience.  If you'd like to have your very own Liberate the Dress shoot with Mistral Photography, then make sure you join the Belly Beyond Facebook page for an amazing special offer coming soon.   In the meantime have a browse at the Mistral site and check out their Facebook page.

    Photography - Nykie @ Mistral Photography
    Make Up - Sarah @ MAC, St Lukes 
    Model - Yes a model would have been a great help for this but we just had to make do ;)
    Bra: By HOTmilk of course!


    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    ERGO Baby Carrier Heart 2 Heart Insert - How does it work?

    The Original Infant Insert supported your baby with both feet to the one side in a sling like, cradle position. The contributions from research studies, customer feedback, chiropractic support and working directly with newborns, led ERGObaby to create a new insert that would allow the carrying of your baby in the tummy to tummy position, with baby close to your heart. Introducing the new Heart to Heart insert!

    The new innovative design promotes healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joints and leg position rather than putting your baby in a compromising sitting or hanging positions before the spine is ready. The insert has a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted or folded to pad just the right places for your infant to ensure optimal support for the natural curvature of a baby’s developing spine. .The ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart to Heart also supports the safety of the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. Thanks to the ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart to Heart and Carrier in combination, you can carry your newborn close to your heart so you can remain attentive to your little ones needs and at the same time continue daily activities.


    While wearing babies in the vertical front carry position, ERGObaby advocates facing the baby inward, towards the parent. Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis describes it best in her book “A Baby Wants To Be Carried”:

    “Infants in outward-facing orientations can’t turn away from surrounding stimuli…that become overwhelming. In this position the baby cannot make eye contact with his or her parent to evaluate facial expressions, social cues, and so forth to make assessment of the situation. Only choose a baby carrier that allows your child to face you…never out.”

    The ERGObaby Carrier with Infant Insert Heart to Heart truly is the only carrier you will need from newborn to toddler. The insert can be used from birth through to around 6 months of age.

    You can see the new Heart to Heart insert on our webpage here

    Used with permission from Babes In Arms

    Womama Birthing Wrap - Raspberry

    New colour now available in the popular Birthing Wrap by Womama now available at Belly Beyond.

    This is such a versatile dress and can be worn:
    • As a wrap dress during pregnancy (or beyond)
    • During labour and birth
    • After labour as an easy-to-slip-into and comfortable nightie.  Perfect for breastfeeding and you still look a wee bit swish for all your visitors!

    New colour Smart Mum Teething Bling

    So much to share with new product and there are some very exciting things going on behind the scenes :)

    You might have seen our popular Smart Mum Teething Bling range which are necklaces and bracelets for mum to wear and are safe for baby to chew on.  We've added a new colour to our range of Smart Mum Teething Necklaces and Bangles - the Mother of Pearl.  It's a great neutral colour and one that will go with absolutely everything. 

    See all the options here

    Bbox Change Wallet Baby Box

    When we saw the prototype of the bbox in the middle of 2009, we thought that while it was a great idea, there was a bit of work to be done to iron out the rough edges.  Because we really do back our products to be among the best of their type available, it was decided not to add it to the site at that point.

    But having met the fabulous girls from bbox at Kids In Style in Sydney recently and seeing the new and improved final product we are proud to introduce the bbox change wallet to Belly Beyond - it definitely stands up as one of the leading products in its field.

    So what's a bbox? 
    It's the perfect solution for funky mums and dads that need to change baby's on the move and makes a great baby shower gift.

    * Unique dual access wipes hatches
    * Wipe clean change mat
    * Storage for nappies and disposable bags
    * Built-in refillable wipes container
    * Flexible arm to keep everything in place
    * BPA, Phthalates and PVC free 

    And we can't wait to introduce you to the bbox Nappy Caddy - coming soon to!  Here's a sneak preview

    Also available in a Chocolate and Pink.

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Inspired Living Maternity Pillows

    These fantastic maternity pillows are finally back in stock!

    As recommended by medical practitioners: it is best to sleep on your side during pregnancy for optimum comfort, support and for the health of your baby. The Inspired Living Pillow was designed by a mum to be and trialed by many pregnant women with positive results.

    Designed by a "mum to be" this full length body pillow is non-allergenic ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, 100% cotton for a soft and natural finish, with a hand stuffed filling which ensures support for your body and baby during pregnancy. The pillow comes with one 100% cotton pillow case and with a travel bag with handles to make carrying the pillow easier.

    The pillow can assist with pelvic instability and can be used for added back support during pregnancy and later, support for the baby and mother whilst feeding.

    It helps alleviate Mum’s back and neck pain and aids positioning of the baby for easy attachment.

    * Hand stuffed filling ensures support for your body and baby during pregnancy
    * Non –allergenic and seamless
    * Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers
    * Odour free
    * 100% Machine Washable
    * 100% Cotton
    * Comes with plain cotton pillow case.

    Available at Belly Beyond now while stocks last!  

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Girls on Tour - Belly Beyond Goes to Sydney!

    We took a weekend out of the day-to-day at Belly Beyond, left the kids at home with the boys and took off to Sydney!

    Having the time to stop and look back at the past two years and think about where we are going from here was fantastic and we managed a couple of epiphany moments in between the giggles.

    We visited two big trade fairs while we were there :  Kids in Style and the mind bogglingly huge Reeds Gift Fair and can't wait to show you all the amazing new product lines!

    Here are a couple of tourist pics in the meantime :)

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    Medela Breast Pump Gift with Purchase

    Belly Beyond Heads Up!

    If you are thinking of getting a Medela Breast Pump - we recommend you wait until next week! There's going to be a really great gift with purchase with any 2 phase pump (Harmony, Swing, Pump in Style, Freestyle) starting on 15th March :)

    See the Medela Range here

    And here is the gift itself!  Go to Belly Beyond after 15th March and purchase any of the pumps mentioned above and this Cooler bag set is all yours for FREE.  Set includes:

    • Cooler Bag
    • Four bottles and lids
    • Cooler pack

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    Babylegs - Celebrity Trend Alert

    The latest celebrity trend is definitely these super cute baby leg warmers by Babylegs.

    Tori Spelling's daughter Stella was spotted recently in a pair of "Sweetheart" Babylegs and Gwen Stefani has dressed both her gorgeous boys in them as leg warmers and as arm warmers too! 

    Our awesome new range of Babylegs has just arrived and you can now buy them in two's and save money.

    Babylegs can be worn by babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and beyond!

    Check 'em out at Belly Beyond here

    Friday, March 5, 2010

    Ameda Breast Pump Reviews

    The reviews for our Ameda Breast Pump range are just amazing.  Of course we knew they were a great range of pumps, that's why we added them to Belly Beyond, but to have our customers contact us without prompting to report back is just fantastic.

     Here's a sample of the reviews so far:
    "I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you how pleased I am with my new Ameda pump! It is exactly what I wanted and it is making life much easier already. Thank you so much for your excellent advice and help with choosing the right pump, it is very much appreciated. I LOVE Belly Beyond, you guys are doing an awesome job (and I am loving the huge sale!)."

    "The reason I got this pump is because I have a Medela mini electric which is far too hard to manoeuvre when I am trying to pump while feeding! The lactation consultant suggested I try a manual and I’m so pleased I did. I find this one way better to use than the Medela Instyle even! Cos I can pump while I feed and it’s not a huge unit to lug around"

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    You Crazy Mothers! Competition

    Mothers are supposed to be boring, balanced, care only about their children types right?

    Not us!

    Being mums doesn't make us any less (or more) interesting than before we had kids but I'd argue that with the proliferation of hormones, kids toys and small dash of cabin-fever  - it gives us a good excuse to be a bit crazy.

    We are celebrating this on the Belly Beyond Facebook page with our "You Crazy Mothers!" photo competition.

    Check out the entries so far here


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