Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberate the Dress - Rock the Frock - TTD - Fearless Bridal

I saw "Trash the Dress" shoots on overseas websites a while back and thought what a cool thing to do!  The second thing I thought was "will I fit the dress all these years later?" and proceeded to go and dig it out of the back of my wardrobe to try on.  (yes was in the answer, in fact thanks to breastfeeding I actually needed to have it taken in!)

So the whole deal with this concept is that brides get the chance to give their dress another outing in an untraditional way and really get creative without worrying about how dirty it's going to get!

It wasn't something I considered again until a chance encounter with one of the lovely mumpreneurs I've met online.  Nykie from Mistral Photography mentioned she was looking to launch her "Liberate the Dress" brand - her twist on the Trash the Dress and I hounded her until she gave me a spot! ;)

We met at North Head on a typically dodgy Auckland afternoon, you know the sort, four seasons in 20 minutes, but the weather managed to hold out while we got a few family snaps and practice run with me being completely uncoordinated and feeling suddenly sympathetic at the wee waifs who claim "it's so hard!" on Americas Next Top Model.

The family then headed home and Nykie and I got on with the fun of the Liberate the Dress shoot.  We found a few spots out of the howling wind and as a picture says a thousand words, I'll skip straight to a couple of my real faves.

At our third location the light just completely disappeared, as if someone flicked a switch, but we were able to get a few shots in the water.  It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, it was colder, and I'm thinking the Cheltenham residents probably didn't appreciate the car-side strip down to get some warm clothes on!

Thanks so much to Nykie at Mistral Photography for an awesome experience.  If you'd like to have your very own Liberate the Dress shoot with Mistral Photography, then make sure you join the Belly Beyond Facebook page for an amazing special offer coming soon.   In the meantime have a browse at the Mistral site and check out their Facebook page.

Photography - Nykie @ Mistral Photography
Make Up - Sarah @ MAC, St Lukes 
Model - Yes a model would have been a great help for this but we just had to make do ;)
Bra: By HOTmilk of course!



Mark said...

you are such a cool chick lou

vbfbfbkb said...

awesome pics Lou, you look so great! what an excellent idea to liberate the dress.


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