Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bloke of the Day Award

6pm.  The spewing starts - poor little Master 2 is not a happy camper.

Four outfit changes and showers later (for both of us) spewing settles down to once an hour until last spew at 4am.  

I have to go out to work meeting at 8am.  I get home three hours later and Mr Belly Beyond has not only washed everything, he's dried it and put it back on the beds or in the cupboards.  Then he makes me lunch.  

This isn't anything out of the ordinary either but please can I nominate him for Bloke of the Day?   

p.s.  Master 2 is bright as a button and no worse for wear!


Leanne from Feel at Home said...

How do I make a submission? Do I just write it here in the comment box?

BBBlogger said...

Hi Leanne, yip leave a comment here or post something on our facebook page :)


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