Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Slings - Safety Rules

As expected the US Consumer watch dog, CPSC, issued a warning recently on the possible dangers of soft baby slings.

We support all efforts to ensure baby wearing is done in a safe way and endorse the reason for the warning - which is of course to save babies lives.

It is important to point out that the sling type that features predominantly is a bag type sling

As a result Infantino have recalled over one million Slingrider slings, which can be seen in the shot above and we predict more recalls of bag-type slings will follow. 

We realise consumers will be nervous and unsure about baby sling safety.  We want to assure our customers that all the baby carriers and slings on Belly Beyond are safe and are NOT involved in this recall.

Here are some important safety rules around baby slings and carriers.

Top 3 Baby Sling Safety Rules
  1. Ensure you can always see your babies face
  2. Ensure that their airways are clear 
  3. Make sure they are not in a curled position with their chin on their chest
We are long standing supporters of babywearing, have worn our own babies since newborn and know the positive difference it can have in parents lives.  We encourage any one who wants to know more about slings, wraps or other soft baby carriers such as the ERGObaby, to check out the information on the Belly Beyond site, there are fantastic recources available on the Babywearing Safety Facebook page and also at the NZ site Slingbabies

Slingbabies also has a Facebook page here


Sarah said...

Hi, do the Nature's Sway slings come under this "bag" category??

BBBlogger said...

Hi Sarah, I had to ask! The Natures Sway do not fall into bag sling bracket :)

(thanks Sarah @ Unido for the info)


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