Saturday, October 22, 2011

BubbleBum Booster Seat - portable, foldable, safety approved booster seat

Product Test - Waiheke Trip with the BubbleBum

A trip to Waiheke used to mean we carried at least one large car seat with us on the passenger ferry - the right thing to do to keep our kids safe of course, but what a HASSLE!!!

So it was no struggle for me to instantly see the benefits of the Bubble Bum Booster Seat.  It packs down to absolutely tiny so it fitted into my backpack and once at Matiaia it simply took a few puffs of air to blow it up and away we went!

Miss 6 felt ever so special being in a 'big seat' and I was relaxed in the knowledge that she was in a safety approved seat, with the seat belt straps exactly where they should be in the case of a crash.

It's also handy to have in Mr Belly Beyond's car for the times he picks her up from school and it'll be a must-have item when/if we travel overseas.

Here's the stuff you probably want to know:

Requirements for use: What age should my child be to use a BubbleBum?

A child should meet ALL of the following requirements in order to use ANY booster seat:
  • Age between 4 to 11
  • Weigh between 15-36 kgs
  • Height up to 148cm or when child's ears are above the back of the vehicle seat.
It is recommended that you keep your child in the lowest Group car seat until the maximum weight allowance for that restraint before moving up to the next Group.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Carrier Battle - results

The Belly Beyond Baby Carrier Battle was fierce, but in the end there can only be one winner - or some other such cliche!!

And the winner, as chosen by the Belly Beyond Facebook Fans is .....  (drumroll please)

The ERGObaby Classic Carrier

In fact, it was ERGObaby in first, second, third and fourth - quite the dominating force.  It could well have something to do with the fact that Belly Beyond is the number one retailer in NZ for this very cool range, but the 'Likes' don't lie!

Congratulations also to the Popit Wrap, which was the next favourite carrier after the ERGObaby and also to dulce&zoet Slings, the most popular baby sling in our range.

Top 10:
  1. ERGObaby Classic Carrier - that's the Black/Camel, Cranberry or Camel ones
  2. ERGObaby Organic Carrier
  3. ERGObaby Performance Carrier
  4. ERGObaby Sport Carrier
  5. Popit Wrap
  6. dulce&zoet Sling
  7. Natures Sway Carry Wrap
  8. Breeze Baby Sling
  9. Babybjorn Active Carrier
  10. Unido Sling
Winner of the $100 Voucher
When I had the bright idea to hold this competition I thought it would be a breeze to collate the likes and votes and pop the names into Mr Random to choose the winner.

Four hours, 1 crashed spreadsheet,  numerous copy and pastes, even more hand typed names, and a rather frazzled brain later, I finally got all the names of everyone who voted together, removed any duplicates, and established the $100 Voucher winner - here it is and CONGRATULATIONS to Emma!

If the screenshot above doesn't show your name but you're keen to know just where you came in the list, ask us on the Facebook page and we'll look it up for you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moover Toys - perfect for Christmas

Are you still clearing out all the broken toys from Christmas's past?   

This year, think about treating your little ones to something that they'll be able to pass onto their own kids.

These amazing wooden toys by Moover are every kids (and parents) dream toy. You can ride them, push them, pull them, tow them, and you can also have hours of fun pulling them apart and putting them back together again as a sturdy construction toy. (please note the Dolls Pram comes assembled and does not come apart).

Moover Dolls Pram - Natural or Cherry Red 

Moover Baby Truck - Natural or Cherry Red

 Moover Dump Truck - Natural or Cherry Red

If you're already sorted for Christmas (well done girly swots) why not send this link to the Grandparents!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top 10 Reasons for Babywearing - update

The practice of Babywearing may be as old as human kind but it fits in so well with a busy modern lifestyle. Babywearing is beneficial for baby, it’s good for parents (studies show it lowers the risk of PND) and it’s becoming a way of life for an increasing number of Kiwi families.

The term Babywearing is simply the practice of carrying or wearing your baby in a carrier and more and more parents are cottoning on to how much easier life is - their babies cry less, are more content and enjoy being included in family life. Babywearing is not about having your child attached to you 24 hours a day but modern instinctive parenting which is mostly common sense.

Babies of all ages thrive on cuddles and attention. How many times have you tried to put your little one down only to have them cry to be picked back up? Babywearing skips that whole yo-yo process – by putting them in the carrier with you, the child receives the close cuddle and interaction they need and you are hands-free and able to get on with things.

A baby sling was my very first purchase for baby when I was about 13 weeks pregnant. The thought of being hands-free while carrying my baby appealed to my practical nature and I liked the fabrics and the simplicity. Little did I know it would become a way of life and the catalyst of a business specialising in the best baby carriers on the market.

Slings are very versatile and can be used from newborn right up to 2 years + When my son was a newborn I could breastfeed in public and no one else was any wiser that I even had a little one with me. As he grew, he happily sat on my hip and would charm all who met him – he loved being up on their level rather than sitting in a pram at bum height! When he was too heavy to carry comfortably in the sling for long period of time I swapped to the ERGOBaby Carrier. The Ergo can be used from newborn to 3+ and can be worn in front, hip or back carry. One of my favourite things about the Ergo is the ability to swap from back to front carry – means I can breastfeed on the go which is handy when chasing around after a pre-schooler! So here are my top 10.

10 Reasons to Babywear
  1. Baby is happy. Their natural need to be close to you is met and happy baby = happy Mama
  2. You are hands-free. Life doesn’t have to stop because baby needs a cuddle (this is especially meaningful when you have more than one child!)
  3. Baby can sleep anywhere or on anyone in the right carrier
  4. Perfect for ‘the witching hour’
  5. Correct anatomical positioning for baby's precious hips and spine
  6. Breastfeeding is easy and it’s private
  7. Freedom to go wherever you wish - you won’t be hindered by, or even need, a pram
  8. Great for colicky or reflux babies. Upright is a perfect position to keep nasty stomach acid down where it should be.
  9. Babywearing is a great way for Dads to bond with baby
  10. Perfect for travel - you might be allowed to take your pram to the Departure Gate but it's usually not allowed on the plane. Using a carrier means your hands are free to carry your hand luggage onto the plane - particularly valuable when travelling with little ones by yourself! 

Belly Beyond has a large range of carriers available so you are bound to find the perfect carrier for you. Don't forget many families have more than one carrier!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our experienced team.

Baby Slings

Soft Structured Carriers 

Wrap Style Carriers

Front Packs  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belly Beyond in Little Treasures Oct/Nov 2011

If you've picked up a copy of the latest Little Treasures you might have spotted some of the best selling Belly Beyond products in the Pregnancy Survival Guide Lift out.

Their top picks for pregnancy are:

Belly Bands - you can use Belly Bands with your own clothes.  They bridge the gap between your pants/skirt/jeans and top as your belly grows, create a funky layered look, and offer a little support for your growing belly.  After baby they provide belly cover whilst breastfeeding.

Tummy Ties - a popular purchase alongside the Belly Bands, Tummy Ties will transform your normal wardrobe into a maternity wardrobe and not forgetting that no one shrinks back to their original size right away, so they're great for after you've given birth too.

Womama Birthing Wrap  - available in either basic black or ocean blue this is such a versatile dress for during pregnancy, labour and so quick and easy to throw on in those months after the birth.

Skip Hop Versa Nappy Bag  - one of the stars of the Belly Beyond stand at the recent Parent & Child Show, the Versa bag by Skip Hop is the bag to get if you are keen on a handbag size but want the flexibility an expanding nappy bag can give you.

Organic Breast Pads  - NZ made and organic to boot, the new Nudey Rudey Breast Pads are pretty and practical - the cute quote on the packaging sums it up "For a short time at least, you'll hang up your Little Black Dress, box up your killer heels, records or golf clubs and experience more highs and lows than you could have imagined but the demands of parenthood don't mean you have to give away superior design and technical brilliance altogether."

Lots more goodies available to buy online at Belly Beyond

Belly Beyond Messy Bed Competition

Thanks for all your entries in our Cosy Grip competition!


It was supposed to be only three winners, but we couldn't narrow it down any further than four so congratulations to our winners!  Here are the winning photos.  A set of Cosy Grips will be on their way to each of your houses to solve your "Tornado Kids" blanket issues :)


Winners:  Rachel W, Maricris W, Ruth H, Sarah L.


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