Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Carrier Battle - results

The Belly Beyond Baby Carrier Battle was fierce, but in the end there can only be one winner - or some other such cliche!!

And the winner, as chosen by the Belly Beyond Facebook Fans is .....  (drumroll please)

The ERGObaby Classic Carrier

In fact, it was ERGObaby in first, second, third and fourth - quite the dominating force.  It could well have something to do with the fact that Belly Beyond is the number one retailer in NZ for this very cool range, but the 'Likes' don't lie!

Congratulations also to the Popit Wrap, which was the next favourite carrier after the ERGObaby and also to dulce&zoet Slings, the most popular baby sling in our range.

Top 10:
  1. ERGObaby Classic Carrier - that's the Black/Camel, Cranberry or Camel ones
  2. ERGObaby Organic Carrier
  3. ERGObaby Performance Carrier
  4. ERGObaby Sport Carrier
  5. Popit Wrap
  6. dulce&zoet Sling
  7. Natures Sway Carry Wrap
  8. Breeze Baby Sling
  9. Babybjorn Active Carrier
  10. Unido Sling
Winner of the $100 Voucher
When I had the bright idea to hold this competition I thought it would be a breeze to collate the likes and votes and pop the names into Mr Random to choose the winner.

Four hours, 1 crashed spreadsheet,  numerous copy and pastes, even more hand typed names, and a rather frazzled brain later, I finally got all the names of everyone who voted together, removed any duplicates, and established the $100 Voucher winner - here it is and CONGRATULATIONS to Emma!

If the screenshot above doesn't show your name but you're keen to know just where you came in the list, ask us on the Facebook page and we'll look it up for you.

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