Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moover Toys - perfect for Christmas

Are you still clearing out all the broken toys from Christmas's past?   

This year, think about treating your little ones to something that they'll be able to pass onto their own kids.

These amazing wooden toys by Moover are every kids (and parents) dream toy. You can ride them, push them, pull them, tow them, and you can also have hours of fun pulling them apart and putting them back together again as a sturdy construction toy. (please note the Dolls Pram comes assembled and does not come apart).

Moover Dolls Pram - Natural or Cherry Red 

Moover Baby Truck - Natural or Cherry Red

 Moover Dump Truck - Natural or Cherry Red

If you're already sorted for Christmas (well done girly swots) why not send this link to the Grandparents!

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