Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belly Beyond Real Mums in the NZ Herald again

Did you see the Belly Beyond Real Mums in the NZ Herald this week?

The photograph has been cropped but there is no mistaking the Cake Lingerie and those gorgeous bumps! 

You can check out the rest of the shots from our now world-famous shoot in Belly Beyond Real Mums section here

The article centres on the concern at the rising rate of C-Sections in New Zealand.  Having been through the factory that is National Womens at the Auckland City Hospital, it's no surprise to me to see the rate there is an astounding 31.7%!   I got the distinct impression getting mothers in and out of the wards seemed to be the target and lets face it, a c-section is a truck load faster than natural birth.

It's curious to mention though that the term 'elective' does give the impression that mums are "too posh to push" and if you check out the replies on our Facebook page, mums don't often choose the c-section path, they follow the advice of specialists and health professionals that inform them the safest route is a c-section - hardly 'elective', and not a path chosen lightly.

There are few women who have the courage of their knowledge of birth and it's natural process who will fly in the face of a medical 'expert' and insist on a natural birth - why would you?

Why do you think the c-section rate is climbing both here and overseas? 

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