Monday, October 4, 2010

ERGObaby Carrier Review

What great timing, on the eve of Babywearing Week, we check in with our guest Blogger Gill, our ERGObaby Year in the Life Winner.  We love how Gill and her family have totally embraced babywearing and it's so heartening to see and hear about.  Check out the AMAZING photos!

1st October - "ErgoBaby, Queenstown here we come!"

My husband had alot of time off work for paternity leave - so we decided to take a family trip to Queenstown to stay in a family friends house. The mission I chose to accept was..." A whole week of William in the ErgoBaby" as there was no room for the pram in the car...

So ErgoBaby was the complete answer and I was really looking forward to it! With 5 of us packed into the car ( no people mover here folks) we drove to Queenstown with high hopes of fun times in the snow on Coronet Peak and around Lake Wakatipu. The Ergo is so compact, it just tucks away.

Since William is just a young baby, we didn't need to stay home in the afternoons for naps - so we had the freedom to go anywhere and at any time.  And boy did we have freedom with the ErgoBaby!  We packed lunch and left the house on a different adventure each morning.

We went were no pram or stroller could the Summit of Coronet Peak!  We got a foot pass and went up the Main Chair lift.  William was safely snuggled and toasty warm in the Heart2Heart insert in the Ergo & I managed to take one of those 'hold the camera at arms length shots on the chair lift to prove it! ( without dropping the camera).  There was even plenty of room for his thick warm 'snow suit' he was wearing.  The sleeping hood that you can pull over and snap onto the shoulder straps was perfect for this day - keeping the cool wind out!  I trekked out to places that I wouldn't have gone if I was just holding him in my arms - the fact that he was in the Ergo gave me confidence to walk around up the top of the mountain, having both hands free to take photos, throw snowballs and help the kids.

One puzzled skier asked me " Is that a baby in there or..." Or what? I could not imagine!

We also spent lots of time in town, walking around the lake front, going to cafes where I could feed him in the Heart2Heart insert, playing in the playground & visiting Arrowtown.  The weather was wonderful while we were away. (I wanted it to snow but it didnt till the last night).  Our nearly 4 year old son also had a big long walk in the Queenstown gardens with his Dad in the Ergo too.  He found it much easier to carry him that way, rather than piggy backing him.  I got to relax and feed William again while they walked around.

We spent everyday out and about, not getting home till about 4pm.  I carried William in the Ergo ALL DAY, and no fussing.  He either slept or just chilled out.  We could go anywhere we wanted and not have to worry about pushing a pram or fitting thru shop doors etc.  We both love carrying him, especially me!  What Mama wouldn't want to be so close to her baby?

x Gill

Next adventure is a ride on the Weka Pass Railway for our Son's 4th birthday- this Ergobaby is going places!

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