Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeps the Covers On!

Cosy Grips are a new product at Belly Beyond which solves the problem of your little ones kicking off their duvet!

Transitioning from a Sleeping Bag

We've found that if babies are used to sleeping in a sleeping bag that adjusting to blankets and being able to kick them off or move on top of them, it's a challenge to keep the blankets on them and keep them warm all night.  Having a Cosy Grip on the bed is a fantastic way to assist them make the transition smoothly.

It's a simple but ingenious little device made up to two clips with secure tongue like rubbers and joined by industrial elastic.  Just slide the strap under your mattress and fasten the fabric-friendly clips to the cover on either side of your bed.
And for those busy Mums and Dads, as well as kids sleeping through because they no longer wake cold having kicked the blankets off, it's also a breeze to make the bed! 

I use a set on Master 2's bed and here is his bed, left just as he hopped out of it this morning.  You can see  what I mean about how easy bed making would be, just lift up the very top bit and it's done.

And before you say "well the duvet would be kept in place on this bed anyway" sadly I can attest that is not the case.  Before finding Cosy Grips we had many many nights of wake ups due to waking cold because the blankets were kicked off.  I reckon at $19.95 Cosy Grips are a brilliant investment.

Problem solved!

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