Saturday, November 20, 2010

ERGObaby Year in the Life - 4 months old

Feels like it's been ages since I blogged - probably has!

I can't believe my wee baby is now 4 months old. I sooo wanted to hold onto that itty bitty baby stage, but alas my newborn is now chunky and super heavy baby! He is absolutely gorgeous and the apple of my eye. He is super cuddly and giggles and grins like no other.

He still continues to love his ErgoBaby, altho he really doesn't fit in the Heart2Heart insert anymore. :-(
Sometimes he grizzles when I put him in it, but within a minute he is happy. I still use the Heart2Heart insert if we are going out in the wind and I want some more buffering and wind protection. But he has to have his legs out the side - which is new for me! I liked it when he was tucked away, but now its fun to hold onto his legs and tickle his feet! So many people comment on it and love the design of how baby sits in there, rather than hangs out! I am always quick to mention how fantastic it really is and how it supports baby from Newborn! I cant sing its praises enough!

For my Son's 4th birthday we all packed up and went on the Weka Pass Railway for an adventure. My sister came along with her 5mth old daughter ( dragging her pram behind her) and her Son is a few months older than my 4 year old- so it was a great time with 5 kiddies and 3 Mamas ( Grandma included there too!) I had not been on the Weka Pass train, so didnt know what to expect at any stage of the journey. There were beautiful old carriages and a lovely black steam engine. Funnily enough the carriages were the same as the ones my sister and I used to catch the train to school in - way back in the 1980's! So it was fun being able to choose our red leather seats and flipping them back and forth to get the best view. The kids loved the ride and having William in the Ergo was great. So easy, hands free, no fuss. I sat him on the insert cushion so he was a bit higher up - perfect for snuggling and kissing his wee head. I fed him while we were on the journey and then he slept the rest of the way. When we arrived at the end of the line, we had a birthday picnic lunch. My sister had her pram but it was such a nuisance as it had to be stowed away in a separate area and in the end she never used it! Once again,I was so thankful for our Ergo and how easy and portable it really is!

This past month has really flown by, so much happening with School and Kindy, a new phase of our life as parents. William is growing so fast, its lovely to hear his chatter and laughing. He is so easy too - like most 3rd babies I hear! He is happy where ever we go and just slots in. The Earthquakes have still been happening- in the weekend we had 2 more big ones... a 4.7 and a 4.9 - I really dont like them and they still make my heart race.

My daughter turned 6 on Guy Fawkes day - she loves it that every year on her birthday she gets fireworks! This year it was a bit miserable and we had planned to go to a display at her school but it was raining and postponed till December. And because of the rain the New Brighton Pier display was rescheduled for the next day. Thankfully it was fine so we decide to take the kids to that! At about 8.30pm ( an hour past bedtime) we set off for the beach. Of course... the Ergo was the only choice for bubs. For 3 reasons, 1/ We would be trekking across sand dunes, 2/ It was really,really cold and I wanted him cosy, 3/ I wanted him extra close because of all the noise and bangs from the fireworks.

So perfect really! He had his legs out and so I wrapped a blanket over the outside of the Ergo and tired to keep his little legs warm. He didn't make a peep and fell asleep despite the massive booms as the Fireworks exploded off the Pier. Nearly forgot a photo of me as I was so busy taking photos of the magnificent display.

I'm really looking forward to some great warm weather - I'll have to brave the sun with my white arms andlegs - but what a great excuse to go out for some walks on the beach with William in the Ergo! I'm sure he will love the fresh air and view as well.

:-) Gill

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those fireworks photos are beautiful! As is your family :)


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