Sunday, December 19, 2010

ERGObaby Year in the Life - Christmas Update

The other day I got an email, one of those weekly updates about your baby... and it was the 22 week update!! I couldn't believe it, time feels like it has flown by. He certainly looks and feels like as 5 month old baby tho :-) He is quite a solid baby and so I found myself unpacking the 6-9 month old clothes as he is just squeezing into his clothes now. Nice to see his big brothers baby clothes once again. He is not moving about too much yet, quite content to just 'be'...extremely chilled out wee bubs. He gets a good giggle going when his big brother entertains him- not quite sure what it is about silly faces and monster noises, but he loves it!

Our ERGObaby has been at the Markets!!. I have recently become a WAHM and had a stall at a local craft market a couple of weeks ago. I was so pleased to know I had the ERGO as there was no room for anything at all- only a seat. My hubby brought him to me for a feed and then he just hung out with me as I chatted to the locals. The ERGO sucking pads work a treat... no more slobber on my arms and shoulders & straps now. He made great use of them that day too. He has no teeth yet, but big brother got them at 4 months so I'm expecting them soon- all the signs are there. I had forgotten how much babies dribble - and William especially likes to dribble a lot and blow dribbly raspberries - so those pads are fantastic! You can just throw them in the wash -easy! A must have for your ERGOBaby to keep it clean and dry.
I have been trying the side carry but need a bit practice adjusting it - But what a great way to carry your baby, he can see more of his world around him as well. I have another market this weekend - I couldn't do it with out the ERGO to have him with me.

I also cant believe it's next WEEK!! Its going to be great! All my Hubbies side is going to be here, traveling from Holland, Australia and Wellington. Big family reunion -8 Adults and 9 Kiddies (including William and his new Cousin born just before him!) So it will be great for everyone to meet the new babies and for the cousins to catch up. We'll be out and about for sure- hopefully a few days at the beach or the school pool. I'm sure my Sister in Law will love trying it out for her new baby too!

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