Friday, January 1, 2010

Natural Chicken Pox Treatment

We had a visit from the Chicken Pox fairy this Christmas with Master 2 coming out in spots a few days before the big day.

We got off fairly lightly with him and because all the rest of our extended family had already had it we were able to still have a lovely family Christmas.

As is the way of things, Miss 4 duely came out in spots a few days ago and she is far harder hit. We used Pinetarsol for the little man but Miss 4 used his sponge after one wash and we were off to Starship in an ambulance due to an allergic reaction. We can't say for absolute sureness it was the Pinetarsol but given it was the only new thing in the house at the time, we certainly aren't going to take the risk in bathing her in it again.

That left us searching for natural treatments and my lovely friend Caroline suggested an oatmeal bath. It's been absolutely fabulous and of course super cheap to do as well!

Oatmeal Bath for Chicken Pox:

1) Use a knee-high stocking or cut off the foot of a pair of tights
2) Put 3/4 cup of rolled oats into the stocking
3) Tie a knot at the end of the stocking
4) Hold the filled stocking under running water and give it a few squeezes to get all the goodness out.
5) You can leave it in the bath soaking too if you like. The water goes a milky looking and the kids will smell like porridge but it works!

Would love to hear your natural cures in the comments below.

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