Saturday, February 13, 2010

Popular Baby Names

I'm a total data junkie and because we are running a competition that involves a lot of data (Win your $1000 Wishlist) I've been spending a lot of time lately analysing the Belly Beyond database and have come up with some fun facts on first names (well fun if you have a geek gene like me).

Belly Beyond Members First Names

There are a massive 1653 unique first names among our members.  From Abby to Zoe that's a lot of names! 

The Most Popular First Name

Name                 Occurs
Rachel 88
Lisa 85
Michelle 72
jo 69
Rebecca 68
Anna 68
Amanda 68
Kate 66
Emma 63

And interestly Emma is still a regular on the current popular baby names lists.

NZ's Most Popular Baby Girls Names 2006-2009

Rank                      2006                       2007                       2008                       2009      
1                              Charlotte             Ella                         Sophie                  Sophie
2                              Ella                         Sophie                  Olivia                     Ruby
3                              Sophie                  Olivia                     Ella                         Olivia
4                              Emma                   Emma                   Isabella                 Isabella
5                              Olivia                     Charlotte             Charlotte             Ella
6                              Emily                     Emily                     Lily                          Emily
7                              Grace                    Lily                          Emma                   Charlotte
8                              Jessica                  Grace                    Emily                     Lily
9                              Hannah                Hannah                Jessica                  Emma
10                           Lily                          Isabella                 Grace                    Amelia

By the way, the image of the "Emma" in pink above is of our Custom Made Names by Fudge Design.   You can get your very own name done in your choice of 10 colours starting from just $54.  Here's some more Fudge goodness below

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nudeyrudey said...

That also shows the average age of your members. Those names are all the girls I went to school with.


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