Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visitor Books

Polly from ZM Online was talking this morning about a friend having Visitors Book to sign whenever someone visits the house.

The general consensus was that for just every day use, this was a bit weird BUT we reckon there is a perfect time when having a visitors books is a brilliant idea - when you've just had a baby.

Depending on how your birth went you might not be completely with it and having somewhere where people can share their congratulations will mean you have a chance to actually remember what they said!

If you are planning to give birth at hospital, then take it to hospital. If after the birth, you are sleeping or just not up to visitors, then get your partner to ask people to sign the visitors book instead.  (like you really feel like seeing your boss or Great Aunt Mertle right now!)

It's a lovely momento of the big occasion and one you can look back on and share with your child once they are older.

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