Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby names, what could have been...

My surname is Currie and I often joked that my children would be called Spicy Chicken or Thai Beef.

I loved the name Harrison but then that would make the poor tyke Harry Currie, "far too close" said Mr Belly Beyond "to sounding like the japanese Hare-kare!"

Given the plethora of weird and wonderful celebrity baby names those probably wouldn't have been too out of place but back in the real world have you  had some funny 'could have been' moments when deciding baby names?


Mrs O said...

Our last name starts with O so we joked we'd call a boy "Edward Ian Ewen Ivan"... EIEIO :-P

Anonymous said...

Our surname rhymes with "halen" so we joked that we should have a "Van".

Froguette said...

When pregnant with my son we called bubdb (we didn't know it was a boy!) Humphrey as my partner's surname is Bogaert... until someone said to me, be careful if it's a boy you'll stick with it once he's born!
He ended up being called Finn Kahurangi Bogaert


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