Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What if a Target tradesman went through your undie draw?

We've had some awesome customer comments on some of the underwear orders this week.  Mostly thanking us for such a cool sale and how they desperately needed them because they keep recycling the same 4 pairs.  One customer ordered 7 different pairs and proudly told us she plans to throw every single other pair she owns out when they new HOTmilk arrives!

It made us think about how many pairs of undies are in our own underwear draws versus how many pairs we actually wear.

Heidi's Breakdown

21 pair of undies

4 remind me of my young and child free days, hey I could use them as dental floss now

10 that are either too big, too small or don’t hold in my post baby belly

6 that I thrash because they are comfy and fit and keep everything where it should be

1 really heavy duty impossible to put on and take off bike pant type undies, but you look fantastic while you’re wearing them (don’t go to the toilet while out in case you can’t get them back on properly)

I should really throw them all out (except the really heavy duty one) and buy a whole new lot, I’ve been surviving on 6 pairs for 2 years so for $60 I’d be proud to be on target

So what would a pervy tradesman find if he went through your underwear draw?  Comment below and win a weeks worth of HOTmilk underwear in your size! (and remember HOTmilk fits any bottom, not just preggies!  S-XXL)

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