Monday, July 5, 2010

Grand Parent Names

Master 1 melted his grandparents hearts at the weekend when he called them "Nan and NanDad".  So I thought it would be fun to do a call out on our Facebook page and as well as the standard Grandma and Grandad, Nanna and Poppa here are some of the replies for what little kids call their grand parents.
  • Nanni and Dat
  • Nannan and Gaddin
  • Nanny and Gra
  • Gran and Gran
  • Ganpa
  • Daddad
  • Gan and MoreGan
  • Baba
  • GG
  • Nannan and Gangan
  • Nonna and Nonno
  • Gaga
  •  Danny and Daddad
  • Nancat and Gangad
  • Gran and Da
And a hat-tip for my grandfather whom we lovingly called Kapa.  xx

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