Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Art Studio

Every now and then we have the pleasure of meeting people in business who just blow our socks off with the way they conduct themselves and the product or service they provide.

Liz from Book Art Studios is one such business person.  Liz is a member of a local business group, Connecting 0604, which is a support group for professional home based businesses within the 0604 post code community (thats Waitakere for those who don't speak post code).   The goal of the group is to promote home business as a lifestyle.

We met Liz at a Waitakere Enterprise After 5 event when she asked if we'd be happy for the group to come out to Belly Beyond HQ, meet with us and see how we run Belly Beyond.  "No problem" we said and in due course Liz organised 15 brave adventurers to roll out to the back and beyond of Waitakere township and see Belly Beyond in action as part of their day tour of local businesses.

It was a real treat to host everyone, Heidi did the tour around "the warehouse" aka, Heidi's lounge, spare bedroom, most the cupboards, and the garage and I got to yabber on about the benefits of social media and the chatter as the group left indicated that they'd definitely gotten something out of the visit.

As mentioned Liz runs Book Art Studios and it's fair to say she is a passionate book maker.  As a thank you for hosting, Liz created Belly Beyond note books for us and the other sites that she visited.  She explains:

"I had so much fun making the little books for everyone. Glad you liked yours. I’ve sent you a photograph of the books I made for all the speakers. The ships wheel was for our first speaker, author/filmmaker Lynton Diggle who has co-authored the book Shipwrecks. The ducks book for his wife Edith Diggle the artist (it’s one of her paintings on the cover of the book). The ones with tools for the owners of the Hardware cafĂ© and the others are self explanatory!"

The notebooks Liz created for us are so amazing, cool with a capital C in fact, and I just had to share Liz's work and website with you.    Check it out here!

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Chavah Kinloch said...

Oh I love this group idea! That's my hometown :D Such talented people obviously hehe. Love the notebooks!


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