Friday, July 23, 2010

NEW: Giimmo Night Light

Oink Oink!

Introducing Tango, the new Giimmo Night light.

A night light is such a versatile option for baby's room because it provides a soft light in the wee hours and becomes a firm friend when toddlers hit that stage of being afraid of the dark (approx 2 years old).  With a night light on they can see their room, find their snuggly and slip off back to sleep and are far less inclined to call out for Mum and Dad.

When toilet training comes around, we encourage our little ones to take their Giimmo's with them during the night to light the way.   Because the Giimmo is manufactured using an LED light, it does not emit any heat so it is very child-friendly and although it's absolutely not recommended, it has passed the drop test in our house umpteen times!

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