Friday, October 9, 2009

Belly Beyond at the David Awards 2009: heroes in small business

What the Judges said:

Here's a transcript of the webcast from the David Awards 2009 where the Judges talk about Belly Beyond. I am blogging on this not to blow our own trumpet but so Heidi and I can look back in the years to come and have a record of it :)

Winner Best Fledgling Business Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Glenn Smith: This was a well represented category, in fact the one with the most entrants as it turned out, we are looking for a business that is under two years old, maybe a little bit quirky, certainly smart in how they approach things and very professionally set up.

Belly Beyond had just a terrific entry, high-energy, high-impact, they are professional, they just seem to have ticked all the boxes, they've done everything right in this category.

(Joint) Winner Most Innovate Use of Marketing Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Pam Martin: It's about the smart use of marketing that allows a small company to really punch above its weight

Belly Beyond have managed to create a very successful and very large company with some really substantial companies providing their goods and have become their top sales people.

Highly Commended Overall Supreme Award: Belly Beyond

Judge Nick Jones: The David Awards are all about celebrating small businesses that have done something extraordinary. They've stood out above the rest and been prepared to take on the bigger businesses, the Goliaths of the market, and often succeed based on courage, they've overcome adversity, they've used nimbleness and sometimes sheer grit to get through some really tough times.

Judge Glenn Smith: This [Belly Beyond's] is a great entry, everything from how to write it and how complete it was and how they obviously thought about everything they were putting in to it. Their vision is to be the number one baby boutique in NZ, I think that's achievable in fact I'd be surprised if they don't achieve it. This was a terrific entry, it had high-energy, high impact, it was professional, the owners seem to be approachable, it was very impressive.

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