Thursday, April 30, 2009

Self Cleaning Mens Underwear!

Got our supply of milkMAN boxers the other day and just have to show you the packaging from the wonderful girls at HOTmilk.

And even better these new HOTmilk boxers are totally SELF CLEANING!

Sure it relies on gender stereotypes for laughs but in a politically correct world it's nice to see touches of humour like this!

So how do you get your man a pair? Buy any two sets from the gorgeous range of HOTmilk (or 2 set plus 1 nightwear item) from Belly Beyond and we'll send you a pair for your milkMAN for FREE!

Enter the milkMAN competition
And while he's trying them on, get a pic and send it into the milkMAN competition. He can win
USD5000 worth of luxury travel and the title of New Zealands milkMAN. Competition closes 14 May.

A win, win situation all round really. You get sexy undies, he gets sexy undies and you could both be swanning off somewhere exotic!

1 comment:

Saffron said...

The milk Man stuff is great - branding is gorgeous and the packaging sooooo cool!


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