Monday, January 23, 2012

Brolly Sheets on Breakfast

Check out this great item on Brolly Sheets from TVNZ's Breakfast this morning.

Both Heidi and I swear by Brolly Sheets and they are still a feature on the beds of our youngest kids.  My daughter took a very long time to be totally dry at night (like years!) and Brolly Sheets were such fantastic piece of mind at home as well as an easy solution when went away.

Brolly Sheets are soft to sleep on and if there's an accident, you simply pull off the bed and stick in the wash without having to strip and make the entire bed (not a fun thing to do at the best of times and certainly not at 2 oclock in the morning!)

They come in single, king single or queen size and are one of the best reviewed products on Belly Beyond, here's just some of the feedback from happy customers.


I have just got one of these and they are so good. I sleep easy knowing that there will be no mess in the morning and it is so much easier than removing and washing the sheets especially when you have five kids! I will be telling my friends because most of the baby gear is word of mouth.

LOVE these. It definitely makes the nights less stressful coz all you have to do is whip it off the bed and put a new one down. No more stripping the entire bed. But I do recommend you buy 2 though.

I wouldn't be without these while toilet training, and will also be using them with #2 when its his turn.

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