Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Maternity Bra Ever? Cake Lingerie's Luxury Seamless Bra

Parenting board Essential Baby, likened Cake Lingerie's new Luxury Seamless Maternity / Nursing Bra to "the best-ever maternity bra". High praise indeed!

The new Cotton Candy bras provide the perfect transition and sleep option, allowing room for the breasts to grow with comfort as your body changes rapidly, especially through the initial stages of pregnancy and post birth with drop down clips ensuring it's as practical as it is comfortable!
And you know it's a good sign, when the staff dive in and are among the first to purchase - here's what the Belly Beyond office girls say:

"It is so comfortable! I realise it's not a Sports Bra, but I wore it to Tennis and it was brilliant" Sue

"Absolutely love the bra and the underwear is seriously the most comfortable I've ever worn" Karen

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