Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion Week + International Babywearing Week = the new collection from dulce&zoet

It's International Babywearing Week this week and NZ Fashion Week. What perfect timing for the gorgeous new collection from dulce&zoet! Since 2003, they have championed babywearing in NZ, with their fashion focused baby and toddler slings.

See the whole collection here

Here's a breakdown on why we love dulce&zoet baby and toddler slings:

What we love about Slings - Newborn

  • The dulce&zoet baby slings are a fantastic way to carry your baby right from when newborn. When babies are so tiny they love the closeness and warmth of mama's body right there and it's very settling for them. For particularly fussy times (around about 5.10pm in our house!) put baby in the sling and get on with what you were doing. The rhythm of your movement as you go about your business will lull them and soothe them and my babies often drifted off asleep very easily this way.
  • The sling is ideal for putting baby in when you need to pick up older children from kindy, daycare or playgroup.
  • You won't have little old ladies fussing in babies face and waking them up! Your little one is tucked safely away and unless they spot the feet out one side a lot of people don't even notice you're carrying a baby.
  • You can easily breastfeed in the sling and it offers privacy as well.

What we love about Slings - Older Baby

  • Fantastic for quick trips to the shops or the bank when you don't want the hassle of getting out the pram. Brilliant if you have older children too because you can put baby in the sling and know you'll have your hands free to manage a breakaway toddler if need be.

What we love about Slings - Toddler

  • Pick me up Mummy! Mummy I'm tiiired. Carry me Mummy!! Yes, been there. Pull your sling out of your handbag and give their tired little legs a break.

What we love about slings - for all

No buckles, no straps, no padding, just a carefully constructed sized pouch sling that will become one of your favourite items of clothing. It folds away so small you’ll never have to uhm and aah about carrying another bulky baby accessory, it’ll fit easily any purse or bag.

All slings are reversible, the inside fabric is visible when you fold the sling with a twist over your shoulder (to spread the weight, adjust the sling and stop the fabric from cutting into your neck).

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