Monday, September 21, 2009

There's been a delivery! Womama Birthing Wraps

The Womama Birthing Wraps arrive this week!

The sales blurb reads:

* You spend $1000’s on a wedding dress
* You spend $100’s on your cocktail frock or ball dress
* Yet you borrow your partners oversized tee for mowing the lawns to give birth to your precious baby!

Hmmm, I see their point and while it's a lovely thought to think you'll slip into your Birthing Wrap, have a few ouchy twinges and out pops a beautiful baby our experiences are that it's not quite that easy!

The reality is you may not have so much of a choice on what to actually give birth in - you might prefer to be completely naked, be in a bath or be given a hospital gown to put on. But once the big moment is over you most likely will want to be put something on that feels soft against yours and baby's skin and you can settle and enjoy your newborn snuggles.

We think this wrap is brilliant in that you can wear it during pregnancy (when nothing else will fit), post birth and as a nightie in the months after as well. And on top of that, just as the sales blurb says - it might just be the most special little black dress you will ever own.

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LadyChelini said...

I wore this after delivery and for about two weeks after. I literally washed it put it in the dryer and wore it again. It was soooo comfty and very practical when getting the hang of breastfeeding. I loved the soft fabric and felt ok when people came to visit. Better than pjs!


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