Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breastfeeding Sports Bras - Nursing and exercise made easy!

We absolutely love our Nursing Sports Bras from La Leche League - yet another first for New Zealand bought to you by Belly Beyond!
But don't just take our word for it here's more awesome customer feedback.

Vicki from Auckland:

The bra is excellent for light exercise and was great for Round the Bays. I do wear my heavy duty Bendon bra for running as the LLL ones don't offer enough support for this level of intensity.  I love the convenience of being able to feed after a long walk while having slightly more support than a normal feeding bra. I also like the shape of the straps etc as they allow me to wear more sporty tops without my bra showing.

.... I downsized to a L and it fits firmly and feels comfortable especially around the underarm area. I like the way the bra is stitched through the centre of the breast area as it sits flat against my chest wall and absorbs sweat before it can run down the middle and cause a sweat rash due to friction. The band around the chest is nice and wide and also sits flat against the body. The breasts themselves feel well supported (like someone is cupping them for you).   

Fiona from Christchurch:
I bought the bra after seeing your video of it.  I wear it for walking only but like that I can feed easily if I need to but I'm not having to compromise support.  It feels very comfortable and has been good motivation to start to exercise since my sons birth.

Lisa from Hamilton:

..... Another shop said that these types of bras didn't exist so I was pleased to find them available in NZ and I'm going to buy another one  - thanks Belly Beyond!! 

Sarah from Auckland:

Just received my La Leche Sports bra in the mail and put it on straight away – very comfortable so far although I’m yet to try running in it.

Mind you with how tired I seem to be at the moment I’m not sure when my motivation to get back into running will come. Still its very comfortable for my many walks getting bub to sleep and 3 year old to the park!!!

Available in S-XXL in White or Grey.  Check it out

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