Saturday, April 3, 2010

Then and now....

Halt it’s the fun police

My big boy is 14 and my little boy is 15 months old, a long time between drinks you might say.  I am still so surprised though, to find out how much had actually changed in 14 years in the baby world!

Nearly everything I did was not done these days. The Plunket lady nearly had a turn when she saw Finn asleep on his side; the jolly jumper and walker are toys of the devil.  Bonjella!  No-more-tears shampoo! YOU WHAT!?!?

I am told to introduce solids as late as you can, let them lead you on the toilet training front, don’t smack, hold the nuts and of course, "we are all winners."

I am amazed that Master 14 survived, he’s big, strong and didn’t fracture his legs, fall from the top of stairs and doesn’t cry when he loses. 

My thoughts are that Finn will follow in his footsteps and will be predominantly brought up with old school thinking.

Guest post by Heidi.

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BBBlogger said...

Similarly you and I never sat in seat belts let alone car seats, both our mums probably smoked whilst pregnant and well, breastfeeding was thought of as inferior to formula!

It it stupid that in the space of 15 years so much professional advice is different but then as the my examples show, there are generally good reasons things change!!

You can be known as the child-beating, jolly jumpering, cancer causing chemical-using one.

I’ll be the nut allergic, kids cry at everything, toilet trained by intermediate school lady.



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