Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Isoki Baby Bowler Nappy Bag

Drool... The latest Isoki bags have arrived and the clever girls at Isoki have not disappointed.  A certain favourite is the Isoki Baby Bowler.  This is a replacement for the Petite Traveller, which was a great idea in theory but didn't quite get there in the practical sense, because you simply couldn't get much into it.  Problem solved with the Baby Bowler! 

The Baby Bowler is a huge leap ahead for mums wanting a practical, fashionable but compact bag for baby change gear, botttles etc.  It's a super funky little carry all for all your quick trips or to keep your own handbag free of all that baby stuff!

Isoki Baby Bowler 3 styles

Two separate sections;
  • Insulated Compartment for Bottles, Food, Snacks etc
  • Storage Compartment for Nappies, Wipes, Clothes & accessories etc

  • Removable handles allow you to conveniently attach to all prams, joggers & strollers
  • Washable matching change mat
  • Measures:  30cm x20cm x 10cm
Watch the blog for the rest of the Isoki range that's just landed at Belly Beyond.

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