Monday, January 10, 2011


I see various status updates where people claim that they are the king or queen of procrastination.  HA!  I hereby throw down the gauntlet and claim myself Chief Procrastinator Extraordinaire.

I have delayed tackling my daughters cradle cap, wait for it, for almost SIX years.

Who can really blame me though - when I had made feeble attempts in the past you wouldn't believe the screaming, the wailing, the tantrums - and that's just her father.  And it wasn't a very bad case, so I didn't do anything about it but I do wish now that I'd simply gotten on to it when it first appeared on her wee newborn head.

But I finally did something about it tonight with Made4Baby's Sleep Tight Oil and their fab Bodywash.   Pretty painless all round really and the parts I tackled are looking rather clean and clear.

Now I just have to psyche myself up for round two!  So what is the task that you've been putting off?

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sarah said...

hey i no what you mean my son had nasty cradle cap and the only thing that worked on him was bio oil and id let it sit for 10 and when it was removed it would take off chucks of his hair and he would have bald patchs on his head from where the bits of cradle cap would come off and 3 years later hes still getting it but not as bad but back to the subject the 1 thing ive been putting off has been toilet training my son im not ready to do it yet coz i no once i do my baby will be a big boy whos off to kindy lol


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