Saturday, February 5, 2011

HOTmilk Lingerie - After Pregnancy Shapewear

A total revolution in shapewear

HOTmilk Lingerie have created post pregnancy shapewear that's safe and comfortable to wear after pregnancy  - argueably the time of a womans life when she needs the most help in that department!

Post Pregnancy Shapewear
This high waisted french knicker style and the mid-waisted black  bikini are made from high performance microfibre, with complementary luxury detailing and designed specifically for post pregnancy to gradually, yet effectively give you back your pre-baby body shape.

Now lets get one thing sorted, straight of the bat.  This is NOT about setting unrealistic expectations about how quick a mum should bounce back to her pre pregnancy shape - it's about making women feel good and fooling the rest of the world at how fast they bounced back!!

What these high-waisted french knicker do provide is a smooth profile of underwear that sits high, to give an even finish from waist to bustline and has silicone gripper to the ensure they don't move.  You get a figure flattering yet non-restricting solution for when you want to hide those lumps and bumps you've gained on the road to motherhood.  They can also be used to house a small family in an emergency.

Matching nursing bra as well as standard underwear are also available in the Luminous style.

HOTmilk Essentials

If the high waisted style of the Luminous is just a little too much for you, no matter the result, checkout the mid-waisted set in the Blaze Essentials range.

This is also available to match with the new Essentials Range Blaze bra and bikini.

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