Thursday, October 23, 2008

gr8x Nappy Bags and Medela breast pumps

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After months and months of waiting the new gr8x bags finally turned up today. Was it worth the wait? Definitely!!! They are so cool! Heaps of bag and accessories for a really reasonable price I reckon.

Had a great catch up with some Mum friends today - had to rush around in the morning getting all the orders ready but it was worth it. :)

We've had lots of requests for the biggest and best Medela Breast pump so we've added the Pump In Style Advanced to our range. This is the super-doody pump if you are returning to work or need to use a breast pump for an extended period of time.

A rather grrr moment today when not one but TWO couriers didn't show up!! - Customers very understanding but very frustrating when you want to be able to reply on delivery times

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