Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks the heavens for Brolly Sheets!

How's this timing? We introduce a new product of bed protectors and the following weekend have the biggest spew and poo bug go through our house! The Brolly Sheets have been BRILLIANT! They seem to have been in the wash and dryer more than they've been on the bed but they have saved SOOO much sheet and duvet washing (not to mention keeping the nasties from getting onto the mattresses.

So here they are - after rigorous trials (unfortunately) Brolly Sheets - big solutions for wee problems

They are sold primarily as mattress protectors for nappy leaks or bed-wetting but as I've explained above are quite multi-purpose! The come in three sizes - single, king single and queen and five colours - lime, blue, pink, white and red.

Lots more info here

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