Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Caterpillar Merino Sleeping Bags NEW SIZE!

Baby Caterpillar have had a big shake up and their gorgeous NZ Made Merino Sleeping Bags are now available in a 0-2 year size. Yay well done girls! You've given your customers a choice to go for snuggly buggly 0-9 months or cost-effective sleep solution that will last 2 years.

If you haven't got a Baby Sleeping Bag yet then you should get one! Your little one won't wake up cold because the blankets have been kicked off and they reduce the risk of SIDs on two fronts:

-There are no sheets or blankets to accidentally cover babies face
-Merino assist to regulate baby's temperature

Available in two unisex colours: Classic cream and Navy Stripe.
and either a summer or winter weight.

And have you seen their simply gorgeous 100% merino sleep suits? A fantastic option for underneath the sleeping bag.

Available in a range of sizes from newborn to 12 months and in 5 colours.

And because Baby Caterpillar is designed by mums who know the importance of such things, it's machine washable and you can put it in the drier!

And the icing on the cake? They are all MADE in NEW ZEALAND.

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