Friday, March 13, 2009

ERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier - The Ergo improved!

How do you improve on the perfect baby carrier? You make it lighter, increase the fit AND MAKE IT CHEAPER!

ERGObaby have just released this spectalular new carrier 'ERGOBaby Sport' into New Zealand.

* Made of a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, the lighter, more-breathable fabric provides a slight wicking feature to help keep babywearers more comfortable.

* The carrier's body features a vent to provide extra breathability, keeping both baby and parent cooler.

* The waist belt can extend an additional 10 cm further than our Standard or Organic carriers, and the shoulder straps can extend an extra 12cm, providing comfortable fit for babywearers of all sizes

* Ideal for Dad

* Detachable sleeping hood

Available NOW at Belly Beyond. RRP $204.95

Celebrity parents Julia Roberts and Amanda Peet have been snapped many times by the paparazzi wearing their babies in Ergo Carriers. They probably love that Ergos come with hoods to cover baby up when it’s nap time and when the paparazzi are lurking about. The new ERGOBaby Sport is a sleek carrier and the modern black with white stitching will go with any outfit.

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