Monday, June 22, 2009

Kindy Snobs

So what type of Kindy Mum are you? Are you friendly, say "Hi", give a smile and a brief chat about your day or are you aloof, bordering on rude?

My four year old started kindy a couple of months ago and I'm amazed at the reaction of some mums when I proffer a friendly "hello" or "how's it going?". Nothing - no smile, no reply. I could be completely invisible.

Now, I realise people are shy, me included! I have to force myself to say hello or I'd simply run in, drop my child off and run back out again at full speed. But it strikes me as particularly odd, that these Kindy Snobs live in the same street as we do and we often see them out and about - it's not as though we are so dissimilar as to be unable to relate on any level.

Why do I care? well I know I shouldn't but I'm curious as to why I am so ignorable! :P

Anyway, off I go to pick up, practicing my "hi, how was your day?" I might even be surprised with an answer.


Anonymous said...

Mums are so busy being busy these days that they don't stop to chat it's really sad. So that social support isn't there the same as it used to be. I'm always chatting away even if I am busy, I always find the time.
The ironic thing is they'd probably go home and check out your site, after seeing advertised it on your car :)

stickytiki said...

Oh no that is just WRONG...hello is a very simple word..its because you live in Auckland! I am just joking really, a couple at our daycare do that to, I just follow them chatting to force them to sy something to me.xx

Jodee Reid said...

I thought maybe people were scared I would try and sell them something as I pulled up in my BabyBaby car, however, now my car is not sign writen so I have no reasoning except some people are friendly and some are not! It would be nice to strike up converstaion if for nothing else but car pooling!

Little Lizzies said...

I have found that too at times, especially seeing moved twice when my elder daughter was at kindy and some kindy's were more friendly than others....oh and doesn't alwasy get much better when you get to school either... I joined the fundraising committe and found that they were more friendly there!


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