Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo Tent

I have to give a shout out to Lou, (the other Lou ;) who is the brains behind Skout Trade Fair and the lovely members thereof.

On a recent thread someone recommended Photo Tents so because I was looking for a way to improve on our 'home' shots I went and got one. I probably would never have even heard of them had it not been for Skout and it's another example of why it pays to be a Skout member.

Well, I'm so thrilled. The results are great! Sure, they clearly aren't professional studio shots but they are 100% better than the rubbish I was creating with my parque floor as a background.

Above is a shot of the set up, although I took todays in the garden in full sunlight without artificial lights and here are a couple of the results!

The Panda BearView looks a little evil in the product shots (!) so I wanted a close up to show how very cute his little face actually is and here's a sneak peak at the very exclusive sling Unido have created just for us. It will ONLY available at Belly Beyond.

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