Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Feel like playing Santa this Christmas?

Check out what Baby Bites is up to!

We all hear the stories, families that are simply less fortunate than ours because of financial, physical or emotional distress and cannot celebrate Christmas fully. For a lot of us, these are more than just stories, they are our friends, our family, our neighbours.

Thanks to some wonderful sponsors, has a fabulous prize pack to give away to a family in need this christmas. The prize pack full of gorgeous gifts will hopefully boost their spirits and give them something that they would not be able to give themselves.

Please take the time to remember what Christmas is all about, and nominate a family you know that is less fortunate that yours now here!


Agoo Australia said...

Two nominations from me.
The incredible Tanya Love from Ankle Biters who was scammed earlier this year and is struggling to recover. I'm sure you've heard the story. They are doing it hard, too hard. Yet despite her own challenges Tanya is closing her shop and spending much time atempting to assist the Bolt family to secure new accomodation and is running an appeal to help them move. Which leads me to my second nomination,Cate and Rick Bolt and their 9 kids.
If you don't know the stories check out the blogs and

Cackleberry Kids said...

Thank you Belly Beyond for putting this together!

My nomination is for the Bolt Family. They give of themselves to help make the lives of others better and now they need our help.

Cate, Rick and their gorgeous children need something to brigthened their day!


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