Thursday, November 5, 2009

Firing my assistant

So today was the last straw and I've taken the big step and fired my assistant.

Well it had been coming for while. He has no concept of deadlines, doesn't respect boundaries and his constant demands about time off for food breaks and naps just didn't mesh with the high standards the role requires.

We were doing a photo shoot and after I'd asked him three times to finish setting the product up and this was the result when I went back to check on progress.

I mean I ask you - what was I do???? Lucky he's so cute. Please excuse the bad fringe. He went to stay one night with my parents last weekend and came home looking like that. Needless to say Mum was given a written warning and staff discount privileges revoked until further notice ;)

Got the shot in the end though! New Ecotanka Covers with detachable straps - not a bad result for a home job huh?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... to start with I was thinking OMG shes' writing about it on her blog.... and then I got to the 'nap' part, and saw the photo and laughed out loud! Thanks for the giggle Lou!

Belly Beyond said...

hehe thanks Angie. A lawyer friend of mine said she was really worried when she started reading too that I was going to get in trouble talking about such a topic on the blog!! :)


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