Friday, June 10, 2011

How to tell a fake ERGObaby Carrier

We've just received another email from someone who had purchased a cheap ERGObaby Carrier on Trade Me, that is being sold as a genuine ERGObaby (left), and has asked us to check whether it's a fake or not - it was.

How can you tell a fake ERGObaby Carrier?

The first rule of thumb is this: anything that is claiming to be new with a DVD is a FAKE (ERGObaby carriers were sold with DVDs in the past, but have been phased out some time ago).  There are other tell tale signs too but this is the easiest for a carrier claiming to be new.

Other tell tale signs:
  • The fabric is different and doesn't feel as weighty as it should
  • The body of the carrier is narrower in fakes (which can be quite hard to spot in photos)
  • The lining colour and in some cases the carrier colour often look similar to the real thing but are different shades.
  • The waistband and shoulder straps are thinner and also don't have as much padding
  • The fakes I've seen have more hood snaps
I know everyone wants to get a bargain, but some of the cost involved in putting together a carrier like ERGObaby and why it sells for what it does, is all the testing, safety accreditation and quality control that the fake ERGO's simply do not have.

Imagine putting your child into a carrier that hasn't had to undergo any of those things and having the untested buckle or strap snap - it really doesn't bear thinking about.  Danger aside, there is of course no warranty protection offered with counterfeit products either - genuine ERGObaby Carriers come with a full 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Our current ERGObaby carrier special includes the free Heart2Heart Infant Insert (RRP $55) and we delivery the carrier free NZ wide* so the fakes aren't even all that attractive cost wise anyway!

Belly Beyond is an authorised ERGObaby stockist and we are NZ's number one Ergo retailer!   Please read the warning below and checkout our authorised range of ERGObaby products here 

Here is the official warning from ERGObaby Head Office:


Over the past few months, increasing numbers of counterfeit ERGObaby Carriers are being offered for sale on eBay and Trade Me. Authenticity can usually be determined by comparing auction site pictures with those on our website. Additionally, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is a fake. Counterfeit products are exempt from any manufacturer’s warranty policy, and we would caution anyone thinking about using counterfeit products about their safety, comfort and reliability.

Counterfeit ERGOs are:

· made with inferior material and parts – particularly the buckles!

· not product tested against safety standards

· not covered by any Product Insurance

· not covered by Product Warrantee

· not likely to comply with US lead-free criteria

We strongly suggest that all purchases of ERGObaby products be through authorized ERGObaby stores and webshops such as ourselves. To verify that we are an authorized retail stores, please visit:

* Stewart Island and Waiheke Island not included in Free delivery offer.

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Bec Touzel said...

I've had my ergo for two years now but I'm starting to suspect it is a fake - the buckle around the waist doesn't always stay clicked (not that it comes undone, but you know how when you undo it there's that pressure of the release? don't get that with mine!), the hood has heaps of snaps, and the backpiece is starting to come undone from the waist band at one corner.
So frustrating!


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