Sunday, June 26, 2011

Medela Calma

The Medela Calma is a new product from Medela, designed to, well, sell more product from Medela.

What it also is, is a genuine solution to mums that plan to go back to work after baby and want to continue breastfeeding as part of that.  (yes, you most definitely can keep breastfeeding even returning to work full or part time!)

If breastfeeding breaks aren't a possible option, then expressing and bottles will be and the deal with the Calma feeding system, is that milk will only flow if the baby works and creates vacuum to get it - in as close a way as possible to feeding directly at the breast.

With Calma:
  • Mum only needs one type of teat throughout her breastfeeding duration.
  • Baby can feed, pause and breathe regularly. 
  • Milk will not flow unless a vacuum is created. 
  • Milk flow stops when the baby relaxes to pause and breathe. 
  • The baby’s natural sucking rhythm will be maintained, enabling easy transition back to the breast.

The Calma is a teat specifically designed for bottle feeding breast milk but we recommend you abandon thoughts of breastpumps and bottles UNTIL you have established breastfeeding.  This might take 2 weeks, it might take 6 or longer!

Check out our tips for new breastfeeding mums in our advice section here

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