Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When Good Ovens Go Bad

I had a strange feeling come over me at the weekend and suddenly had the urge to clean the oven.

I had a fantastic sense of pride when I'd finished, the result not quite sparkling, but a far cry from the housework horror reality shows that it had been.

Skip forward a couple of days to the eve of my daughters 6th birthday and requirement to bring cupcakes to school for the class.  Firstly, who started that tradition?  And secondly, I believe next year I shall probably be the one to break it.

"Ewwwwww, what's that smell?" say the kids.  My (almost) sparkling oven was not quite as well wiped down as it could have been and when heating the oven, the oven cleaner aroma was overpowering.

Egads, the dilemma!   Option 1) cook the cupcakes and poison an entire class of 5-6 year olds or Option 2) explain rationally and calmly to Miss almost 6 that cupcakes were a silly idea and no one in her class probably liked them anyway.

Instead I took Option 3).  I Googled "remove oven cleaner smell from oven" and went straight to a tip on cutting an orange into quarters, removing the flesh, and baking it for a while in the oven to make the oven cleaner smell completely disappear.  Worked a treat and said cupcakes are now well on their way to Betty Crocker perfection.

The moral of the story?  Nothing good ever comes from cleaning the oven and Mr Google does indeed have the answer for everything.

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